Sunday – Fifty Two Views of the Gulf

2015-08-08 08.34.37

As you can see, the wave action is back. The wind has been consistent at about 15 MPH  for the last four days. The wind seems to naturally lead to higher waves and since last week there were almost none I guess you can correlate wind velocity with wave action (DUH. Big science going on here). The yellow flowers are barely visible and the purple morning glories have been replaced by white. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know why. High today about 90 degrees which are 10 degrees cooler than inland. The nice thing about the gulf it keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The water is 88 degrees today.

Last week’s photo



you can see the lack of waves. Have a good week.


  1. Enjoy the week too.

  2. Happy Sunday, John. It looks like that sand formation (maybe doesn’t qualify as a dune?) on the right has grown… Or maybe it’s just the light/shadow.
    Anyway another lovely view. Have a great new week. Hugs.

    1. It has grown. The plow came through on Friday and made a four foot wall. They came back and cut an entrance. Happy week to you.

      1. They do that with snow here… except they don’t come back to cut an entrance. 😀

      2. I remember when I lived in Indiana having to liberate the driveway before going to work.

  3. I ❤ your little window on the world, John – always something new to talk about 🙂

  4. I always look forward to Sunday by the shore, John. The water looks so inviting. Have a great week!

    1. At 89 degrees it is like a salt bath

      1. That is a little toasty. 🙂

  5. Supposed to be setting some high numbers this week…105 and feeling like 108. Oh joy.

    1. I know. We generally don’t get above 89 degrees but we will see.

      1. A week of taking it easy and cleaning drawers, it seems. 🙂

      2. Skip the drawers

  6. This looks gorgeous!

  7. Hard to believe it’s summer without all the people on the beach having fun. I suppose it has to do with the time of day the photo was taken (i.e. mornings, etc.). Nevertheless, these photos are always something I look forward to on your blog, John!

    1. Yes. Right now the beach is packed.

  8. What’s the the little bump in the water on the left John? It looks like someone left a car in the wrong place.

    1. Thant is a pop-up. It is on the sand​ but does look like it is in the water.

  9. 88 degrees! My kind of water. The waves are such a fascination to me. Love walking in the surf, but at that temperature, I would have to jump right in.

  10. Sounds a tad warm and humid for me taste … but gotta love the view.

    1. It is a tad warm and humid but getting a break tomorrow.

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