Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day

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Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we had another confusing session with Robert, Bob and Charlotte. Bob finally came back, and he and Charlotte were discussing his delusion. Charlotte asked him if he knew her, and he said he did but called her mother. I almost don’t want to go back there but since it is Wednesday, I guess I’m forced. You go ahead of me okay?

“Yes, Charlotte you know you are my mother.”

“Bob for heaven sakes what will it take to convince you I’m not your mother?”

“Charlotte you can talk all you want and you can make me out to be crazy, but I know you are my mom.”

“How do you know that?”

“You and my mother have never been in the same place at the same time.”

“Bob, please. There are hundreds of people who I’ve never been in the same place with them.”

“None who have an interest in seeing me fail.”

“Why do you think I want you to fail? I’m your mentor. Your mother hired me to help you publish your book.”

“The same book that will show you to be a fraud? Mother.”

“Bob. You quit that. I’m not your mother.”

“Sure Mother.”

“I’m warning you, Bob.”

“Oh yeah and what are you going to do?”

“Robert. Come back.”

“Yes, Charlotte I’m here.”

“Is there a way for you to reason with Bob?”

“I could hurt him.”

“How would you do that?”

“I can call him names.”

“Thanks, Robert. Let me see Bob again.”

“Yes, mother.”

“I’m not your mother.”

“Robert called me a name.”

“And let me guess. It hurt?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“He told me. What was the word?”

“I can’t say. It’s a bad word.”

“Can you spell it?”

“No, it is too bad for that.”

“Give me a hint then.”

“It’s a modern word describing what Oedipus did.”

“Oh, my gosh.”





  1. Oh my gosh indeed! Very complex and becoming ever more so.

    1. The stats are proving you right. Maybe too much for the faint at heart.

  2. Ah, the Oedipal compound noun, where would rap music be without it?

    1. Would give rise to a whole new way to express one’s self in an attempt to insult others. As in, “hey, morally depraved one.”

      1. Or, my absolute favourite, the edited-for-TV version of the first Die Hard movie, with Bruce Willis over-dubbing his own line into:

        “…goddamn melon farmers…”

  3. As far as bad words go, that one seems oddly mild these days. I blame Samuel L. Jackson.

    1. I think you are right. Of course, I like his characterizations.

      1. It was a cunning way to reveal the word without saying it.

      2. Yeah. That one always makes me cringe. Hearing and writing.

  4. Hmmm… I think Charlotte has something up her sleeve… Nice turn, John. Loved the ending! Hugs. 😀

  5. Now Charlotte turns psychiatrist … nice turn with Charlotte using Bob and Robert against each other. What was that old movie, The Three Faces of Eve, where the character played by Joanne Woodward has three distinct personalities? I’m starting to feel there’s more to Charlotte than we yet know … 😉

    1. I forgot about that movie. It was scary

      1. Scary and one of my favorites 😉

  6. The joke-asta be on Bob whatever his relationship with Charlotte turns out to be… 😉
    Sorry – bad Jan made me do it! 😛

  7. Haha! Too soon! I just finished reading Oedipus Rex…

    1. I read that yesterday.

  8. I hope Teagan is right. I hope Charlotte has something up her sleeve. Fascinating twists and turns John.

  9. Love the comic at the top — interesting what authors put themselves through to write a story!

    I don’t know who to feel sorriest for here, Bob/Robert or Charlotte/mother. I’m beginning to wonder if even they know who’s who!

    1. They seem lost to me.

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