Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

College books

It is Wednesday Storytime again. Last week, we were introduced to two new characters Alexis and Ben. We learned they are college kids and friends with a sexual past on hold. Alexis mentions some complexity that has forced sex into the background. We left them as they agreed to meet at Alexis’ house to study and watch a movie. Ben is just getting there now. Let’s join them.

“Hi, how are you doing?”

“Ya mean since sixty minutes ago?”

“Um, that did sound a little dumb right?”

“Not dumb Ben just automatic. You know how I hate rhetorical questions.”

“I know Alexis. I know. You gonna invite me in?”

“Come in. Did you get the chips and soda?”

“Sure did. Got some dip as well.”

“You da man Ben. Dip is the short way to my heart.”

“Who wants heart?”


“Nothing. Just a snide comment.”

“You better get off that physical stuff, or you’ll study alone.”

“Yeah okay. Man, you are like a grumpasaurus.”

“And you are like a rutasaurus.”


“Truce. Grumpasaurus was pretty good. Put that stuff on the counter.”

“Rutasaurus was pretty good too. You want a soda? I didn’t get root beer. Got a lot of flack at the store over root beer.”

“I’m not surprised. Let’s order a pizza. I’ll have a soda with it. After I order, we need to get to work.”

“Good. What work we gonna do?”

“Whatya mean. What work?”

“School work or the other?”

“We need to get the other squared away. So how about we spend tonight on it and then tomorrow on school.”

“I brought the blueprints.”

“Great let me order and then let’s see ’em.”

“I’ll unroll them on the table.”

“You okay with white sauce and veggie.”

“Yeah good. Hmm, this building has a lot of floors.”

“Okay, I ordered. The guy said thirty minutes. What are you saying about the floors?”

“I didn’t think the building had so many floors.”

“What does that mean?”

“When this sucker blows there is going to be a huge brick pile.”

“Fully destroyed though right?”

“You better believe it, Alexis. Fully.”




  1. And my biggest wonder is what event caused root beer to be a problem. Let’s hope they’re as bungling as Frank and Billy. (That the right names? Been so long.)

    1. Got so many comments on root beer (none good) that I decided to change to soda. These two are pretty smart.

      1. Wondering if I started that with having the first comment. Though I only hated the diet part. Regular root beer is good. Especially if you get it in a chilled, frosted mug. Delicious.

  2. Uh oh, there goes any hope of an easy ride John. I’ll echo Charles here, what’s up with root beer?

    1. There were a lot of comments on root beer so I decided to switch.

  3. These two buggers are up to no good!

      1. I’m almost professorishly sure of it.

  4. “And you are like a rutasaurus.” I wish I wrote that.

  5. They’re really taking their Civil Engineering studies a bit far…

  6. Uh-oh, sounds like these two are angling for a jail cell!

    1. I’m sure they are not thinking they will get caught.

  7. Blowing up a bank to pay off their student loans????? Didn’t take you long to implicate these two into what can only be a bad deal 😉 Fun times ahead!

    1. I figured we would have enough to deal with later without having a big build up. 🙂

  8. John, you’re the master of surprise. *That* was a twist I didn’t expect! Can’t wait to see how this one develops. Have a thriving Thursday.

    1. You as well. Keep your belt buckled on this one.

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