Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day


It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week, we were a little surprised that the “other” project they are working on includes blowing up a building. (Talk about getting right to it right?) We left them at Alexis’ house as she and Ben began their discussion about the building. Alexis asked Ben about the destruction of the building since Ben mentioned the number of floors being more than he figured. Let’s join them.

“Yes, Alexis the whole building will be destroyed. It’s going to take some more planning.”

“What planning?”

“Well, I’m going to accommodate the additional story that I hadn’t counted on.”

“Is this a big deal?”

“It will mean a few more pounds of explosives is all.”

“So we will just carry in more each time but the plan still holds right?”

“Yeah it still holds.”

“Why didn’t you notice the extra floor when you walked around the building?”

“I think it was a stupid mistake. The land slopes and there are more stories on the back than the front. I didn’t go inside to look at the floors. I figured the plans would give us all the information we needed. Besides I didn’t want a bunch of security camera shots of me wandering around a building when I had no business being there.”

“I can see that. Okay, no harm no foul. Any guess at how much more we will need?”

“I would say an additional ten pounds a corner.”

“Holy shit, that’s forty pounds a carry. You not concerned about someone seeing you with forty pounds of explosives?”

“The backpacks I planned on using will take care of the extra weight. No one will see.”

“I don’t think I can carry that weight.”

“Yeah, I’m going to have to lug it all in.”

“Any problem with that?”

“Only the disguises I will need to have. I was counting on just two now without you I will need four.”

“If that’s all I think we’re okay.”

“We’re okay. There’s the door. Must be the pizza guy.”

“I’ll get it.”




  1. Forty pounds of explosives is hard to miss. I’m now wondering what the disguises will be. Definitely not pizza guy disguises. I don’t think they carry backpacks during their deliveries.

    1. This is C4. Pretty compact. Stay tuned

  2. Sounds like an oddly shaped building. Also, what’s ‘fully rested’ mean? I see it in the picture and have no memory of ever hearing it before.

    1. Have had enough sleep. Should be stated “rested fully.”

      1. There’s always coffee.

      2. There’s no rest in coffee. Awake but not rested.

      3. True. Guess it isn’t the cure all.

      4. Tastes good though.

  3. It’s cinch this guy didn’t grow up in Pittsburgh, there’s always more floors on the back side, sometimes two more! Consider me fully engaged in this one John. Curious to see how he gets those backpacks in as well as what this whole thing is about and why can’t Alexis carry 40lbs? It’s not that much, but maybe someone wold offer to help, and…oh right, stop trying to figure out where this is going, that never works.

    1. It works sometimes if you give me an idea. 🙂

  4. Nothing like celebrating your little explosive plan with a hot pizza!

    1. Yum. Let’s see I’ll have a ranch sauce, grilled chicken, green pepper, bacon, and tomato hand tossed, wood fire baked please.

  5. Hmm, the pizza guy.. another disguise? 😉

    1. Now that would be good.

  6. I hope the pizza delivery guy doesn’t blow their cover…..sorry. No I’m not. 🙂

    1. Yeah, no reason to be sorry. The pizza guy is a nobody see.

  7. Late to the party … and the comments illuminating comments that the pizza guy might just be a pizza guy. Still, you don’t have to always deliver on what your readers perceive as a cliff-hanger. Sometimes a pizza guy is a just a pizza guy 😉

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