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Interview with John J. Cannon

Today I am pleased to welcome John J. Cannon to Fiction Favorites. For those of you who are unfamiliar with John let me give you a brief introduction.

John is a litigation attorney who lives in San Francisco. He has taken a leave of absence from the law firm to pursue his dream of becoming a charter boat captain. John currently resides in Port Aransas and is the protagonist in the thriller titled My GRL.

FF: Welcome John to Fiction Favorites

John: Thank you. It is so nice to be here. I’m pleased to be with you.

FF: Let’s dive right into the questions. I know you want to become a charter boat captain but I have to ask why you would give up a successful career in law?

John: I have been practicing for twelve years without a vacation. Honestly, I need a change of pace. In addition, I’m not giving up the law I’m just taking a leave of absence.

FF: Okay glad you cleared that up. We understand your boss is not very happy with you asking for a leave of absence.

John: Yeah, he has expressed a little disappointment but the fact remains it is corporate policy and I have qualified for the leave. I think he is worried about the revenue I won’t be brining into the firm.

FF: So he granted you the time off?

John: To be clear he granted me six months off. I asked for a year.

FF: My goodness sounds like trouble back at the ranch.

John: No. There’s no trouble. I simply have to request another six months when the time is done.

FF: What if he says no?

John: He won’t.

FF: I understand you bought a boat.

John: I sure did it’s a beauty. It is a sixty-five foot Hatteras Sport Fisherman. I named her My GRL.

FF: That must be some boat to navigate.

John: I took some lessons in how to handle her. She’s like an old friend.

FF: How soon will it be before you become a licensed captain?

John: I have about two months in and it takes a year so about ten more months.

FF: So you aren’t making any money yet?

John: Money is not the reason, but you’re correct.

FF: So tell us about the woman who sold you the boat.

John: Gerry’s her name. She was killed by some people who wanted to make a point.

FF: Yes Gerry. I remember you were found unconscious next to her body.

John: Yeah I was.

FF: Did the police think you did it?

John: I think they thought of me as a person of interest rather than a suspect. I had no gunshot residue on me or any other evidence that I was the perpetrator.

FF: Did they find out who did it?

John: There’s not a suspect. Gerry was killed by a professional who is still free so far. We do know who hired the hit, though.

FF: You say we like you were working with the police.

John: Well I did give a little advice and was eventually involved in the case.

FF: So who hired the hit?

John: I don’t have enough evidence to say publicly. I’ve a suspicion but would rather keep it to myself.

FF: You mentioned Gerry was killed to make a point. What was the point?

John: I think she was being punished for talking too much about certain people.

FF: Some that you don’t want to identify.

John: Yes, that’s correct. I wish I had the evidence but I don’t.

FF: Are you in any danger by talking to us in this interview?

John: I don’t see how. I haven’t said anything the police don’t know.

FF: Well that’s good.

John: I would like to say to those people who shot an innocent person, Gerry, that they’ll not get away with it and someday they’ll pay.

FF: Are you married?

John: No I’m not. As I said, I have been working a lot and no real-time for anything else. I suppose I could say my boat is my relationship right now. I guess that’s why I named her My GRL.

FF: You’ve been described as an ordinary guy caught up in unusual circumstances. How do you like that description?

John: Who says that?

FF: Reviewers

John: On one hand I’m flattered since it appears they know my personality. On the contrary, I would like to be seen as a hero. At least one time. Of course, it’s not my choice I’m more of less predestined to be what  ever I turn out to be.

FF: Once you get your captain’s license will you keep chartering or go back to the law firm.

John: I really think that is a hard question to answer. Do you know what I mean when I say fourth wall?

FF: Well yeah it’s a term used to describe the fine line between fiction and reality. It’s a term from the theatre. A stage has three walls and on the other side of the fourth is where the audience is.

John: So when I say break the fourth wall you know it is a blurring of fiction and reality.

FF: Yes that’s correct.

John: Okay to answer your question about whether I’ll go back to the law firm you will have to ask the guy who authored My GRL if he has a story line that includes returning to the law firm. You could also ask if I’m going to find love and happiness. I would like to know myself.

FF: I do know him so next time we chat I’ll ask.

John: I appreciate that. I’m not sure he will take suggestions for his precious plot. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye on those responsible for Gerry’s murder.

FF: John this was an interesting interview if somewhat different. We’re so glad you could spend time with us. Please come again.

John: Yes, it was a pleasure for me as well. Who’s the us you’re talking about?

FF: All of us here at Fiction Favorites including our boss John W. Howell.



  1. Very amusing, John. Sorry I missed yesterday. Busy day away from my PC (I don’t have one of those fancy mobile devices – a bit old school, or tight-fisted, or something.)

    1. I like the tight-fisted reason. Sounds so responsible. Thank you for today’s visit.

  2. Hi, John! I’m sorry I didn’t make it by yesterday — though of course it is only MY loss!! Great post, great site, great man! (Yep…I’m looking at you!) I hope it was a great day for you.

    1. It was fantastic. Thank you for stopping by. As they say better …well you know.

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