Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day


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Wednesday Story Day again and last time we spent some unpleasant moments with Mrs, Worthe. Ben, and Alexis. It looks like Mrs. Worthe is not going to allow the kids to get the C4 they need to blow up the Student Union until she talks to Alexis’ father. She seems to have it in her mind that this business of blowing things up may be dangerous and her child might get harmed. (never mind anyone else including Ben). Let’s get back to the scene.

“Well yo two kids stay out of trouble and thank you for the pizza.”

“You are very welcome Mrs. Worthe. Come back again.”

“If I thought you meant that Ben I would stay away just to be a pain.”

“I do mean it.'”

“Yeah, right. Give mommy a kiss Alexis. See you soon.”

“Bye Mom.”

“Whew, I’m glad she’s gone.”

“What was that crap about coming back again?”

“I thought I would brown nose her a little.”

“You really fooled her alright.”

“Anyway what if your dad won’t give us the C4?”

“I guess we will have to find some elsewhere. Any other ideas?”

“I think we could make a nifty bomb out of fertilizer.”

“Fertilizer? You nuts?”

“Not at all. The only problem is we wouldn’t be able to carry it in. We would have to put it in a van or something.”

“You are not going to be building a bomb around me out of smelly fertilizer.”

“It’s not smelly. It is granular and quite clean. It’s ammonium sulfate.”

“I don’t even want to hear about it. You say you need a van?”

“Yes we could steal a minivan─”

“Hold it. If you think I’m going to be seen in a minivan, you have really lost it.”

“The whole idea is not to be seen.”

“But we would have to drive it right?”

“No way I’m even getting in a mini-van.”

“Okay, okay. How about a BMW X5?”

“Hmm getting closer.”

“What then?”

“Porsche SUV.”


  1. I’m starting to think Alexis is more about the attention than whatever agenda they’re trying to push. Why use a car that you like when it probably won’t survive the mission? Also, glad the mom left. Very good job on making a character that I truly wanted to fall down an elevator shaft.

    1. LOL. I’m working on villains (you inspired me). Thanks

      1. Cool. Though I’m kind of scared because I’ve met my villains. Not good role models.

      2. Your posts on heroes and villains gave much food for thought.

      3. Good to hear. Maybe I’ll retro a few of those when I need post material. Been a while.

  2. Phew. Saying goodbye to mom was great. Getting there was torture. That woman bothers me. I kinda like that Alexis won’t drive a bomb around in a minivan. You have to have principles John.

    1. LOL. You are so right. There have to be some elements of style in everything we do.

  3. Wouldn’t a Citroën C4 be more appropriate?

    1. Ha ha ha. Too small.

  4. Well, a girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere when it comes to that kind of thing. 😀 Thanks for the mid-week smiles, John. Hugs.

  5. Love the comic you’ve selected here, John. So true, too. These two kids aren’t really going to blow up anything, are they?? I mean, if they’re more concerned about the style of getaway vehicle they’re going to steal, they’re just adding fuel to the fire!!

    1. You never know. Wait until I put a bomb in an LV bag because “I wouldn’t carry anything else and if I do they will know something’s up.”

  6. You make Wednesdays fun, John.

    1. Thanks for the compliment as one who makes any day you post fun.

      1. We feed off each other, buddy!
        (Which sounds weird, but makes sense. Sort of.)

      2. Here have a hand.

  7. I don’t believe these two know what they’re talking about. 😀 😀 I hope they don’t actually get to get fertilizer, but they may steal a car. I wonder if Alexis is stalling… Love the antics of these two. ❤

    1. Thanks, Tess. I do too.(Love their antics)

      1. Ha ha h. Antics. Yessiree.

        You sent me an especially supportive comment but somehow I lost it. My computer has been wonky again. I blush and thank you for your generous support. ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. Here is another MWAH

  8. Ha! I agree. If you’re to deliver a bomb…do it in the Porsche!

  9. .Thanks for the chuckle. Porsche for sure.

    1. Yes. Why not blow up in style

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