Thursday – A Little Personal – The Birds

This week was one of those times here on the coast where the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds came to mind. For whatever reason, there have been a great number of birds gathering on the beach. It may be the availability of small fish but as a fiction writer I tend to want the motivation to be deeper than just a run of minnows. You know, something sinister like they are all responding to the call to gather and prepare for further instructions from the Leader. (Okay, knock it off. This is not a prompt.)

The first picture is of the pelicans floating out in the water. No diving just sitting. (And watching?)

2015-10-07 09.36.54

The next is a whole bunch of seagulls on the beach.

2015-10-13 09.43.47

Next comes the call to wing it outta there.

2015-10-13 09.43.51-2

The order is to go to the rendezvous point.

2015-10-13 09.43.57-3


Which is back on the beach (go figure)

2015-10-13 10.23.11

I guess it is all okay. No need to call the government and take somebody away from campaigning.




  1. Betting the politician would just have an aide do it, so their precious campaigning isn’t disturbed. 🙂 We have gulls around the local beaches and they are aggressive. Not that they attack, but they’ll go after anything edible even if you’re simply holding it and looking in the wrong direction. Though my favorite story is of one dropping a crab on a cooler instead of a rock.

  2. I sometimes have to attend meetings in Florida and my favorite part of those trips is walking on the beach and seeing the birds.

    1. They don’t usually congregate so thickly here.(maybe a few times a year)

  3. That movie had me scared spitless for years!

    1. Yes. I still don’t trust blackbirds on a wire.

  4. They call that campaigning? Great shots, John! That movie still freaks me out.

    1. Me too. I think Tippy Hedron was my first crush.

      1. I can see why, John. 🙂

  5. Birds are like children. They spot someone who has something – then shrieking, “UNFAIR, UNFAIR” they fly off to take it away from them.

  6. Perhaps they know something we don’t, but I guess we are safe for now. I saw my first group of white pelicans on Nueces Bay this week so I guess fall is here. Then I know it is spring when they leave. Good shots!

    1. Yes we see them when we go over the Kennedy causeway on the way to Corpus.

  7. Tee-hee!!! The pelicans look harmless enough… but those seagulls are surely up to no good. Oh, look at ’em go! Yep definitely up to no good. 🙂 Hugs

    1. I think it was an errant dinner bell. Hugs back.

  8. Love Love Love the seagulls on the beach — reminds me suddenly of Gulfport and how much I miss it!

    1. They can be soothing can’t they?

      1. Except when they’re screaming at one another!!

  9. That’s IS a lot of birds and Hitchcock’s movie comes immediately to mind. While I watched The Birds on TV, I was in a new apartment, new in town and not comfortable watching the movie alone. Imagine my s.h.o.c.k. when I thought I heard something on my balcony. I chose to ignore it and then didn’t. My balcony and the trees facing my balcony was c.o.v.e.r.e.d. with hundreds of crows. I shut the drapes fast, but managed to watch the end of the movie 😀 😀 😀

    1. One “nevermore” and I would have been out of there.

  10. I am in awe of how lovely the beach line looks with no hotels and condos looming. About the only place in FL we can find isolated beaches is at Cape Canaveral National Seashore.

    1. Yes, we have more houses than commercial real estate along the coast. Thanks for the visit.

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