Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf

2015-10-17 08.29.22

A bit cooler this weekend. We are getting ready for some rain next week. The white caps are a sign of the increasing presence of a low front that is moving in from the West. Should be here by Tuesday and then if stationary we could get some much-needed rain. (They are saying inches) A lone walker by the water adds a sense of calm much like last week’s jogger. Notice how the sun is lower in the sky  as compared to last week. It almost looks as if the photos were taken at a different time. They were taken within minutes of each other. A sure sign of winter.

Last week’s photo

2015-10-10 08.42.33


  1. Interesting about the sun. I hope the coming rain is just “rain” and not storms.
    Ugh… I dread winter.
    Wishing you smooth sailing. Hugs.

    1. Our good rain is usually about an inch or two. Storms can dump six or seven. We need the good stuff. Happy Sunday and Hugs.

  2. Does look relaxing. What are the winter temps for the area?

    1. We can get 39 degrees but only for a few hours. Usually runs in the low 70’s high 60’s. Winter coats then.

      1. That’s autumn coats here. Interesting how humans in different regions have different reactions to the same temperature.

      2. After a while the body does get used to most everything.

  3. We have had a couple of hard frosts here and the harvest is well past mid-point. The geese and ducks are tightening up their echelons and I am thinking more and more of the gulf.

    1. The lure of the sand.

  4. The days are certainly drawing in – I love these ‘window on the world’ photos, John 😀

  5. Yes, changes are coming.

    1. I really hate the dark in the morning and it will only get worse on standard time.

  6. I miss the sun when it sinks lower this time of the year. I’m so not ready for the cold weather. My hummers have split…I’m depressed.
    Beautiful sky, John!

  7. Thanks for that last bit John. I was going to ask if these photos were taken at the same time.

  8. A view of your gulf is a good thing as I ease myself back into a routine. Hi John!

    1. Hi, Frank. Nice to see you easing back. 🙂

  9. The sun sinks lower here by day it seems. You photos are lovely. I hope you get a good rain, not a storm.

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