Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf


2015-10-24 09.06.06

I described the Gulf on Friday as resembling a pot of boiling Navy Beans. It is not quite as rough today, but still quite active. You will notice that the wind and tide action is bringing the water right up to the walkway at night. You can see how high the water is by looking at last week’s photo and comparing the two.  The footprints have vanished in the tide, and the seaweed deposit tell the story. We are expecting five or more inches of rain by the end of the storm on Monday.

Last week’s photo.

2015-10-17 08.29.22


  1. Lots of rain in Athens these last few days and it’s getting cooler. Winter IS coming, so, let’s enjoy it!

    1. I went out with the dogs just now and the wind was 25 MPH with driving rain. Brrrr. 70 degrees.

  2. Yes, those are some rough looking waves, John. I hate to imagine what they were like Friday. Stay dry and have some soup. 😉 Hugs.

    1. Thanks Teagan. Soup sounds good. 🙂

  3. Not a welcoming sight John. I hope the storm isn’t doing any damage.

    1. So far no. Lost power last night but that is all.

      1. I hope you aren’t without electricity for long. Sure, that’s not much compared to other hurricane related things… but it’s still a pain. Hugs.

      2. It came back after two hours. 🙂

  4. Looks choppy. Is that big Hurricane causing any trouble in your area?

    1. Heavy rain and high seas are the results of the big one.

      1. Just looked at a weather map. It’s amazing how a storm so far away can effect an area.

  5. Having heard the effects of your storms on Thursday, I’m glad for you that the tide didn’t get any farther than it did! Flooding is getting to be more of problem in the UK as well (but I live well above sea and local river bank levels), so I hope your home and hearth are further up from the ‘normal’ high tide levels, John (((HUGS)))

    1. Yes, we are. We have a great dune between​ our house. Our ground floor is at 10 feet above sea level so we could not escape a strong​ surge. The normal tides and flooding don’t have an effect on us. Thanks for your concern and the hug. 🙂

  6. Doesn’t look good. Boiling and roiling sounds right. Hope the storm tires before it reaches you.
    I am not fascinated with storm. I’d prefer to hide under the bed. 🙂

  7. John, I was wondering how you were going to capture the view of the Gulf today with that hurricane blowing things around. Good job! I can’t imagine what five-plus inches of rain is going to look like, though we’re expecting a cool, wet spell mid-week ourselves (and since we’ve been dry, it’s going to be a welcome sight!). Stay dry, whip up some hot chocolate, and be glad you’re not working for the power company!

    1. I feel sorry for those guys. Electricity scares the heck out of me. ZZZZZZZapppp

  8. With or without footprints, your photos always bring peace to my busy mind. Thanks, John!

    1. Aw. I’m so glad. Thanks

  9. What a difference it is from the summer photos you’ve posted. It’s desolate, yet, at the same time, it seems like a place worth visiting due to it’s quiet environment. As always, John, great photo!

    1. Thanks, Jack. It will be back to summer like by next week. (I hope)

  10. It’s amazing the difference a matter of days can make. How much rain are you expecting?

    1. We got about 5 inches

  11. I’ve spent this weekend enjoy up close, in person views of your Gulf in Fort Myers. I love the area and I hope to get back here regularly. I just had my morning coffee standing in the water. Your pictures will help me fondly recall a great weekend.

    1. I love the Florida side of the Gulf. You get the amazing sunsets like nowhere else. In Texas, we have to be satisfied with sunrises.Thanks for sharing.

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