Thanks to Patrick and Sandra Jones for the Help Launching His Revenge

Patrick Jones_

Patrick and His wife Sandy are a great team. They have posted a launch announcement on their blog. You can go HERE and see it.

Patrick is the author of two very frightening books, The wolf’s Moon, and The River. I have read both and swear I will never go hunting and fishing again. You can find Patrick’s books on Amazon. Also, Sandy has been so very supportive on Twitter that I had to give her a shout out as well and her twitter handle  @SandraJones44.

Here are Patrick’s books.

Patrick1 Patrick2







Here is more about Patrick Jones

Pat Jones was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. His special interests include the science of paleoanthropology and archeology. Woodworking is one of his favorite hobbies, with special emphasis on the unique grains and textures of various species of trees. He and his wife, Sandy, thrive on designing and creating a flower garden of perennials, second to none! Constantly evolving, the garden began as a way that he could surprise his wife on her birthday. The rest is history! The garden now spans one-fourth of an acre!

When their children graduated from school, the couple relocated to rural Missouri where they now reside with their four dogs. The love of the area, in combination with the uniqueness of the people, provided the impedance for “The Wolf’s Moon”. A short story, “The River,” followed shortly thereafter. The sequel to “The Wolf’s Moon” is already in the works and proves to be yet another suspenseful page-turner!

Pat believes that there is a story in everything. Everybody that he meets has their own special story; one simply has to take the time to listen. The story then writes itself. Please visit our website at Thank you for your interest!

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