Book Launch Feature — Tales from the Garden

Here is a lovely post announcing Sally Cronin’s book Tales from the Garden. Hugs Teagan and Sally

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Book Launch Feature — Author Sally G. Cronin

Hello everyone.  In case you aren’t familiar with her, let me just say that blogger and author Sally G. Cronin is one of the world’s most generous and supportive people.  When I saw that she had a new collection of short stories coming out, I volunteered to participate in the book launch.  So without further preamble, here’s Sally to introduce her hew book with a little “behind the scenes” look.

Take it away Sally!Sally Cronin Photo

Tales From The Garden – Behind the scenes – by Sally Cronin

 I have been overwhelmed by the support of fellow bloggers and writers during the launch of Tales from the Garden and was delighted to be invited by Teagan to be a guest and to talk about some behind the scenes background on the book.


As I progressed through the stories it became clear that I…

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  1. Hi John. Many thanks for reblogging Sally’s book launch. It really is a charming collection of stories. Hugs!

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