Wednesday Story Day -AKA Hump Day



Wednesday story time again. Last week we left poor Ben with Mrs. Wolfe who was doing her best Mrs. Robinson imitation and demanding that Ben come join her on the couch. If we can stand it we should go back to see how Ben fairs in this exchange.

“Here’s you drink Trudy.”

“Thank you. Ben. By the way, it is Mrs. Wolfe to you.”

“But you just said─”

“I know what I said, Ben. How foolish do you think I am? Did you think you were going to get somewhere with me?”

“I was just doing what you told me to do.”

“Pretty weak Ben. Do you have no loyalty to Alexis?”

“Yes of course. You have me so confused right now.”

“Well little man finish your drink and you might get a little clarity about what is going on.”

“So something’s going on?”

“Damn, you’re dumb. I have been testing you Ben and quite frankly I don’t think you have the right stuff to participate in our little fundraising project.”

“Yes, I do. Give me another chance.”

“Beg Ben”

“Screw you Trudy.”

“That’s Mrs. Wolfe.”

“Okay then. screw you Mrs. Wolfe. Here take this stinking drink. I hate gin. I’m going back to rejoin Alexis and your husband.”

“You go boy.”

“Bite me Mrs. Wolfe.”


  1. Finally, someone said something to that woman I cn support – go Ben.

    1. Maybe he has found some courage.

      1. Maybe, but I don’t trust your characters John. Previous results don’t seem to indicate what we can expect in the future. I’ll take this one hump-day at a time, thank you.

      2. Ha ha ha. Good idea Dan. 🙂

  2. Narrowly avoided that gin trap, phew.

  3. And then a house falls on her . . . repeatedly.

    1. And only her shoes are left.

      1. Good point. I’ll get the gasoline and matches to make sure the witch is taken of.

      2. Or a bucket of water.

      3. Not as flashy, but it’ll work.

  4. Aw…yes, finishing the drink always brings clarity.

    1. Of some kind. Thanks Jill

  5. So the worm turned. You sure it wasn’t tequila?

    1. Would have been a nice twist. Maybe next story.

  6. Wait…now she’s testing him?? Gee, I’m confused, but I’m sure it will become clear next Wednesday, right?? At least Ben found the courage to tell Trudy what he really thought!

    1. As clear as mud Debbie. My stock and trade is twists in plot.

      1. And you do it sooo well — kudos!

  7. Oh, I seem to have missed an episode… This is an interesting development.
    Ben… in the words of Dr Who — RUN! Huge hugs.

    1. Ben thanks you. Hugs back

  8. I now have another reason to love Wednesdays.
    Thanks, John.

  9. […] to home, I was sitting next to the embodiment of John W. Howell’s mother-daughter hump day combination (Alexis and Trudy). The daughter either was or was telling […]

    1. Thanks for the mention Dan. Good post .

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