Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf #JusJoJan


You can’t actually see the rain but we have had over an inch since New Year’s day. The daytime temps have been in the 50’s with a twenty-five mile an hour wind. That brought the wind chill down to  38 degrees. For us THAT’S COLD. Since the boardwalk is being torn down I’ll bet you wonder how I got this shot. Notice the little piece of orange ribbon at the bottom of the boardwalk. That is to warn everyone that the boardwalk looks like this:


As you can see the walkway comes to an abrupt end. You can also see how the dune has taken over the walkway. One of the reasons it needed to be replaced (since nothing stops the dune) Now to answer the question on how I got to my normal picture spot?


I walked on the ground where the walkway used to be. That white pipe is what is left of the connections to foot washing stations. I have one more photo which is taken from the beginning of the boardwalk at the furthest point from the beach.


Again the white pipe is a waterline. Although this looks quite far away, in reality, it is only thirty feet or so. After the old walkway is removed the crew will begin building the new which will be quite a work of art.

Last week’s photo.


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  1. Golly. I think we were warmer than that in Spain last week (not so here, though; now heading to single figures (Celcius).

    1. Singles are not good especially if there is any wind.

      1. They’re okay until there’s a minus sign in front of them.

  2. We are somewhere in the 50’s F here (10 and up C) in Pune, India. We notice it because we don’t have indoor heating. I bought a small floor heater this year. Good beach pictures, John. 🙂 — Suzanne Joshi

    1. Thank you Suzanne. We do have heating (thank heavens) although it is not used too often. When it is cloudy the sun does not have a chance to warm the house. We have lots of windows to catch the sun’s heat. Thank you for the visit and comment.

  3. Nothing like a cold rain to make you appreciate being inside. I think I’d rather have cold blowing snow. Looks like they’re making short work of the boardwalk. Foot washing stations?

    1. Foot wash is needed to get the sand off when you come off the beach. The rain was pretty cold.

  4. That’s actually an interesting construction documentary. But John… did you wear the rattle snake proof boots?
    So the New Year is borrowing a routine from the month of March and roaring in like a lion. We’ve had a lot of rain too. But I’d rather have rain than snow and ice. I’m still praying for the miracle of a snow-free winter.
    (By the way… The SATX house is a no go. Looked absolutely perfect, even up close. Then I got the Disclosure Report. The stuff of nightmares.)
    Mega hugs!

    1. My internet was out last night (Time Warner +rain) so I couldn’t get the news. Good thing for the disclosures. I did not have rattlesnake boots on but did watch where I was stepping. I have no fear of them since I guess I understand what makes them angry. Hugs back

      1. Groan… I see I repeated my email here as a comment. So sorry. I’m just plumb tuckered out. 😀

  5. I was wondering how you got there when I saw the first picture. Betting the holidays have put a pause on construction too. Interesting thing about the water line. I always thought they connected to metal plumbing under the ground instead of that kind of piping.

    1. In the north you need to go below the frost line (about 48 inches). We never get a freeze so it is not necessary.

      1. Good point. Never knew it was that deep.

      2. I thing the mid west is deeper than the East.

      3. Probably. They seem to get worse storms than us.

      4. The frost (frozen ground) goes deeper.

  6. Foot washing stations at the end of a boardwalk make a lot of sense. Nobody in FL has enough sense to make that happen. Guess they’re too cheap to spring for the water. I got a citation for $20.00 when I took my family over to the beach on the Holidays. The parking area in front of the beach entrance now costs ten bucks, but there is no sign directing you to the meter that’s way far to the right near the bath house…where the showers are.

    1. I guess the community finally figured out how to make extra money. Require paid parking but keep it a secret until the officer slaps one citation on your windshield.

  7. One of those could be your story promo picture. Nothing Stops the Dune, by John W. Howell. In Idaho they’d just let it fall apart. Our highs have been about 16f here for a week. Lovely inversion where it’s actually warmer up in the mountains.

    1. I like the title. Whoa 16 is serious cold.

  8. Rattlesnakes probably won’t be out much in this cold weather but be careful. I have had enough of this cold weather but I guess I shouldn’t complain. It will be interesting to see the new look on the walkway.

    1. The drawings look lovely. Happy week to you

  9. John, interesting to follow the boardwalk construction. Learning the ins & outs! Look forward to the progress posts. Hope your new year start has been a good one! Happiness & health in 2016! Chryssa

    1. Thanks Chryssa. I wish you the same.

  10. John, we finally finished with the wind and the rain (at least for a while), and we’re grateful. Far too much water, which we’re sending down-River, much to their chagrin, I imagine. Now we’re left with 32 degrees and clouds. Sigh. Looks like this will be lovely, once it’s completed!

    1. I sure miss the Illinois winters. (not)

  11. Nothing like a cold rain and gusty winds to keep the beachcombers at home. Not you…you’re hardcore, John.

    1. Well I have certain responsibilities. After all I started the whole fifty-two thing. I would hate to end up with fifty-one. 🙂

  12. Glad you survived the frigid 50s. You should consider this.

    1. I actually have a jacket much like the one in the link. It is down filled and I wore it all weekend when I went out. Gloves and a scarf as well.

      1. Thus you weren’t cold in the frigid 50s.

      2. Yes true. It is a really nice coat.

  13. If there are rattlesnakes all over the dunes, how are the workmen going to get in there to build?

  14. Sounds like you’re getting the weather we should have been getting two months ago. 😛 That walkway looks dangerous. Be careful out there, John!

    1. Thanks. My wife’s very words. 🙂

  15. Love that view!
    And the evolutionary pics were cool too.

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