Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day #JusJoJan



Wednesday Story Day again and last time we left Mrs. Worthe asking Ben about the gun he pulled out of his backpack. He told her not to move a muscle as he pulled it out and we need to return to see what Ben has in mind.
“I’m a little tired of taking orders from you and this gun is going to show you I’m serious.”
“Oh, so you’re going to shoot me if what?”
“I think I will kill you if you keep ordering Alexis and me around.”
“Alexis honey. Tell Ben to quit being a fool.”
“I agree with Ben Mother. You have just become so focused on what is good for your and haven’t given our feelings a thought.”
“Give me a break Alexis. We just went through that whole deal about your inheritance. You think this kid will be able to provide for you.”
“Well. No, I think Ben will have a problem providing me with the things I want. But let’s look at it this way. He is a darn sight better than you when it comes to potential.”
“Darling you are now hurting my feelings. Haven’t I always given you the best life has to offer.”
“I will admit you have done a good job of giving me a lot. I just need to go to the next level, and I think a few million ought to do it. Ben has the ability to build and arm the bombs, and all we need from you is the C4. You’ve been playing games with us, and now I think the time has cone to put up or shut up.”
“Well, I’m not surprised at your cheek. You are my daughter after all. Okay, you tow win. I’ll get you the C4, and you can go ahead and blow yourselves up if you want.”
“Thank you, mother. I knew you would come around. Ben, you can put the gun away.”
“I don’t know Alexis. I don’t trust her. I think I’ll keep it handy just in case she tries the double cross.”
“Ben thinks he’s in a gangster film dear.”
“Shut up Mrs.Worthe. Or I might get an itchy finger.”
“My god Alexis. Don’t you see what an idiot he is.”
“Ben you need to put that gun away.”
“Sure Alexis. Whoops. The damn thing went off.”
“Oh, Ben. What have you done?”

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  1. What has he done? How did Alexis ask it? Was it shock, as she collapsed to the ground in a pool of her own blood, or did her mother collapse? Or maybe Ben is now deficient one in the big toe department. I need to know…

    1. Curious minds need to know. You are right.(me too)

  2. Your assertion that Ben thinks he’s in a gangster film gives me an idea for a cunning plan.
    They could force feed the C4 to a herd of the cutest aquatic mammals they can find and then just stroll straight into the target building with them.
    People would crowd round the little critters to pet and make a fuss of them, during which time the despaerados could make good their escape.

    Of course, first he’s gonna have to make Mrs Wolfe an otter she can’t reuse.

    1. Ha ha ha. I always enjoy the subplots of Dale. Don’t forget about the money.

  3. LOL “Oops!” That’s the best, most entertaining way you could possibly have introduced this twist, John. Bravo.
    I think you should have a weekly challenge of your own — Twist of the Week. Mega hugs

    1. Thank you, Teagan. Not a bad idea. Hugs to you.

  4. I didn’t see that coming, but I can’t say I’m upset. Maybe she’s only wounded. But maybe things will work out better.

    1. We need to get some resolution here. These guys are driving me nuts.

      1. They are your characters John. I think you might have given them too much freedom. One of these days, they are going to take over.

      2. Could say there is evidence that they already have.

  5. I know we’re not lucky enough to never see Mrs. Worthe again. Starting to think Alexis isn’t very trusthworthy also. She jumps sides pretty quickly.

    1. Unfortunately yes.

      1. That’s ominous. Probably why I have to brace myself for every entry of this story.

  6. I like how distrustful Mr. Ben is. I might be the same way, I’m thinking.

    1. With that group it is mandatory

      1. I’d get my short sword out

      2. It would be handy

  7. “I think I will kill you if you keep ordering Alexis and me around.”
    “Alexis honey. Tell Ben to quit being a fool.”

    That’s golden.

  8. Sounds like it needs to accidentally go off a few more times.

  9. Oh my. Do we have a shooting or a killing? I’m going to have trouble waiting another week for the resolution to this dilemma, John — well done!

    1. It will go fast. Thanks

  10. o_O
    What just happened? Eke. Next week can’t come fast enough and I’m not one to rush time. 😀

    1. Yeah, we need time to fly. Wait what are we saying?

      1. Cliffhanger, John. That cliffhanger has me clinging by my fingernails and they are s.h.o.r.t.

      2. You laugh? I could fall and break my neck! o_O

      3. Lucky for you the cliff is four feet tall.

      4. I don’t like heights. Of any kind. Now it’s vertigo shadowing me. *blush*

  11. fascinating addition to the story… oh dear… what will they do now? I look forward to more!

      1. You are most welcomed, John 🙂

  12. As the young people say, John… You got mad skills, dawg!

    1. Mad skills…I love it. Thanks

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