Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf


I finally got my bearings on where the path used to be. The weather is lovely. In the mid 7o’s during the day and high 50’s at night. The walk over is behind me but creeping forward toward the water. Β I think by next week it will be making its way into the picture.

Last week’s photo



  1. Have to admit that these pictures take on a different sense after watching Jaws and Jaws 2. πŸ™‚

    1. Since the water temp s 59 degrees we are safe. (we are not in the water)

      1. Just watch out for Land Sharks.

      2. They are everywhere.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new walkover! πŸ˜€

    1. It is massive. The construction photos I have taken are not too good. Maybe next week.

  3. That’s a very pretty sky this morning John !

    1. Yes. Lovely day as well.

  4. I love that beach! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Here’s another view:
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

    1. Nice picture. I have seen this view many times. I ride my bike on the beach and when the wind is out of the North I head toward PA. The newer trash cans lead me to think this was taken within the last two years.

      1. Hi John,
        Actually, this picture was taken exactly one week ago. We were surprised to see trash cans and porta potties quite a ways farther out to the south than we were used to. Looks like the city of Port A extended their city limits. I didn’t bring a bike with wide tires but my road bike. So I went out on Hwy 361 to the Mayan Princess resort and then back. Nice ride, but somewhat boring. I still enjoyed it, though.
        Have a great Sunday,

      2. You as well Pit. The PA line is at pole 60 and they decided to provide the trash and port a potties since there is a new ordinance against camping on the beach where there are no potties.

      3. Thanks for the info, John! πŸ™‚

  5. I am missing that view more and more every day.

    1. Check out the view in the comments section placed by Pit.

      1. Thanks, John, for mentioning me. Much appreciated. And to add some more shameless self-promotion πŸ˜‰ there are two more pictures from Port A in that blog:

      2. I didn’t realize you had two blogs.

      3. These [“Pit’s Fritztown News” and “Pit’s Bilderbuch”] are my two active blogs. I still have a few older ones which I haven’t closed yet, but do not continue.
        “Pit’s Fritztown News” is used more for longer posts, whereas “Pit’s Bilderbuch” is (now) used more just to publish (single) pictures.
        Have a great week,

      4. Sheesh I guess I better follow both to stay in touch. I like the picture book one as well as the Fritztown news.

      5. Thanks, John, for following both my blogs. I hope you will enjoy them. Just now, btw, I’m not very active in my “Fritztown News”. But that will come again. Soon, I believe.

  6. What a pretty sky. I like the cloud formations and the lovely color of blue. Have a sublime Sunday, John. Mega hugs!

    1. Thanks, Teagan. You as well. Hugs

  7. A feast for my eyes as I sit shivering in the cold of a Canadian January (almost February).
    I’m interested to see the new walkover too. πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks, Stay warm.

      1. Welcome, John and I sure will stay warm. Brrr.

      2. *shiver* *drinks hot coffee* Hey wait a minute it’s 76 degrees out side

  8. Beautiful sky too! Happy Sunday, John.

    1. Thanks Jill. You as well

  9. John, nice to follow the walkway progress. Lovely morning sky, and temps! Southern Cal has similar weather. Lucky us! Shivering cold in so many other places! Have a wonderful Sunday! Elizabeth

    1. I know about SoCal. I had in laws on the Palos Verdes pennsula. Thank you Elizabeth

  10. What a gorgeous day, John — love those clouds and the sun reflecting off the water!

    1. It was glorious. Thanks. Ooops is that Monday I see.

  11. This has to be one of the most beautiful shots you’ve taken of the beach. It is warm, cozy and quite the movietime experience as well. Thanks always for sharing, John!

    1. Thank you so much, Jack. Sometimes we take it for granted and should not.

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