Sunday – Fifty – Two Views of the Gulf.


Today is beautiful with temps in the seventies. This shot was taken from the top of the walk over and as you can see it is peaceful and quiet. We expect the spring breakers to start showing up the weekend of the 12th so now we are relaxing with the solitude.


As you can see the walk over is finished. This is the entrance.


This is the ramp to the beach. Those little blue barrels in the distance are temporary markers to let spring breakers know there is no parking between the barrels and the dune.

Last week’s photo


I am still offering the Kindle addition of His Revenge at $0.99 through 11:59 tonight. Since I’ve said enough about the sale I’ll leave it at that.




  1. Sunday morning coffee on the gulf with John. The photos are so relaxing. (Yes, I even wake up stressed… that’s just how it is.) Not just 2, but bonus pictures! The walkway looks great.
    I saw on thing that surprised me — the sign. So they allow the golf carts on the walkway? Cars on the beach and golf carts on the walkway. What a strange world. 😉 Mega hugs.

    1. We built the walkway with the idea that Golf carts would be able to use it. We have some residents who really couldn’t get to the beach due to some physical problems. Needless to say they are very happy. Our only issue will be making sure non community folks don’t think this is a freeway overpass. Thanks Teagan. Happy (stress free) Sunday.

      1. I think it’s a great accessibility idea. Just unexpected. 😀 Err true… no motorcycles.

      2. No motorcycles. (I’m sure some idiot will try) Ha ha ha. Thanks.

  2. Love how you captured the ray of light in the first shot John. I also love the texture in the sand.

    1. Thank you Lynn. I have photo problems with the rising sun so I have to work around old Sol.

  3. Wow. You must be excited with the beautiful boardwalk so near your home. Looks like it was worth the mess and the wait. I love these posts. It does seem to offer a different angle as it turns descending.

    1. Yes it is quite a slope down. Thanks Susan

  4. Beautiful shot and the walk over looks good. Hope it survives those spring breakers.

    1. Yes. We hope so as well. Thanks Charles.

  5. Like Teagan, I am amazed about the golf carts on the walkways and cars on the beach.
    With people and bicycles–and golf carts giving way (you hope)–the walkway will be jam packed at the height of summer. 😀 😀

    1. There are very few residents in out community so it will not be a problem. We cannot control the cars on the beach which we all hate.

      1. I thought of the summer crowd or how about March Break?

      2. We don’t allow others to use our cross over. It is private property.

      3. Sigh of relief. Good to h.e.a.r.! 😛

      4. Yes. There are more than enough no trespassing signs to satisfy the most particular judge.

  6. I think it’s nice that they made it wide enough for golf carts. I have to ask, now many spring breakers do you get? How many don’t understand high tide when parking?

    1. We get about 50,000 in a two week period. The tides usually stay out this time of year (unfortunately) This year there will be no drinking on the beach after midnight which should cut down the rowdiness

      1. 50,000? Yikes !

  7. Some of your warm weather is moving our way for the week ahead!

    1. We are supposed to get cool and rain by Tuesday.

      1. Cool for you is probably warm for us.

      2. I guess you may be right.

  8. Get ready for the onslaught, my friend! Enjoy the peace while you have it — and relax knowing their antics will be temporary, ha!

    1. Nice to have the open carry law here in Texas *straps on the .357 magnum*

      1. Cowboy John — go get ’em!!

  9. Bee Halton · ·

    Lovely pictures and what a great idea to help ppl to get to the beach. I hope you won’t get too much trouble with other folks.

    1. Yeah me too. Thanks Bee

  10. Heaven is real…

    1. No kidding. Just got back and the wind is blowing and making the most beautiful whitecaps.

  11. Beautiful shot, John! Instead of starting my day with your gorgeous photos, I’m ending it today. It’s been a grueling day of revisions, so this was just what I needed. Enjoy the new walkover!

    1. Thanks Jill. Good luck on the revisions.

  12. Looks great and the shots are impressive! Enjoy the calm before the storm of spring break. And enjoy the new walkway.

    1. Thank you. We will.

  13. Beautiful photo, John. Your mentioning to Spring Break reminded me of your top 10 List for last year’s week of fun. 🙂 Don’t start holding your breath yet. Breath deeply. Okay exhale easily. Repeat.

    1. Ok. I think I’ve got it under control. Thanks *sigh*

  14. John, these are such peaceful photos. The new walkover looks fantastic, but I do miss the lovely old one. Spring break! I hope it’s not to loud and raucous.

    1. The rain is due to quit and the rowdy’s will be here.

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