Lloyd Tenay drops by Lisa Burton Radio

A fabulous interview with an interesting character from Charles Yallowitz’s new book Crossing Bedlam. You gotta believe this is one wild ride (interview and book)

Entertaining Stories

Welcome everyone, on this episode of Lisa Burton Radio we have a really unusual guest. I’m your host, Lisa Burton the robot girl.

Crossing Bedlam is the sponsor of today’s show, and I’ll load all the important links at the end of the show. Let’s all welcome Lloyd Tenay.

“Hello Lloyd, welcome to the show.”

“Great to boob here. Uh . . . eh, close enough.”

“You have an interesting background. Prior to the collapse, which produced the Shattered States, you were in prison. Can you tell us a little about that?”

“The simple story is that I was a totally misunderstood serial killer who got caught. In my defense, the zoo had a new baboon exhibit and those animals are a lot of fun to watch. Oh, I guess I kill people because I wasn’t raised right or have a couple screws loose. I don’t know. It was either…

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  1. Thanks for the share. I’m a little over half-way through Crossing Bedlam, and it’s a fun one.

    1. Charles cracks me up. I’ll bet it is good. I’m doing another Beta read so I will get to it shortly.

      1. Sounds like we’ve both been doing a lot of beta reading. Have fun with them.

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