Wednesday Story Day – AKA- Hump Day

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It’s Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we ended on a macabre note. Mrs. Worthe wanted some collateral from Ben to back up his guarantee of silence. Since Ben does not have any money, Mrs. Worthe decided a good bit of collateral would be his right thumb. The idea of Ben losing his thumb was a cringe moment in the story. Let’s go back and see if Mrs. Worthe is going to follow through on her threat.
“My right thumb? You’re kidding right?”
“Well, Ben I don’t see that you have a choice. You don’t have any money or something of value to use to back up your word to remain silent.”
“Y-you can trust me Mrs. Worthe. There is no percentage in me talking to anyone about this. I get your point. I’ll be quiet honest.”
“You are right-handed aren’t you Ben?”
“Yes, Mrs. Worthe. Please, I’m begging you not to do this.”
“Let me see. If I take your right thumb then even holding a pen would be difficult. Wouldn’t it?”
“I-it w-would be impossible M-Mrs Worthe.”
“Oh look Ben. This room has all kinds of sharp tools. Here is a staple all wrapped in a sterile package. I’ll just bet a couple of swipes with this baby and that thumb would drop off.”
“M-Mrs. W-Worthe. W-what will it t-take to get you to stop.”
“Here is a pair of scissor looking things. I wonder what they use these for?”
“Mrs. Worthe. PLEASE.”
“Yes, Ben. What is it?”
“Isn’t there anything else I could give you to show good faith?”
“Let me think Ben. What do you value?”
“I have my car.”
“No that heap may be something you like but not for me.”
“Books, clothes, my class ring from high school.”
“Ah, your class ring. Where is that ring? I don’t see it on your finger.”
“Alexis has it. She is wearing it.”
“So you value the ring?”
“I do. It is something Alexis and I share.”
“And you value Alexis don’t you?”
“Y-yes I do.”
“You know Ben I think you and I can strike a deal.”


  1. Well that’s a relief. 🙂 But I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t take the ring by taking off her daughter’s head! Great suspense, John. Mega hugs

    1. Thanks Teagan. I was kind of glad Mrs. Worthe decided on something else. After all I’m the one who would have to clean up after her mess. HUGS

  2. Gulp…if I were Alexis, I’d keep my hands in my pocket.

    1. Or run away from home. Thanks Jill

  3. Barely remember when Ben and Alexis had such a simple plan. Some family always makes life more difficulty.

    1. This is a reflection on how others make life complex.

      1. Definitely. Maybe hermits have more sense than I realized. 😛

  4. “This is why we can’t have nice things Alexis…like thumbs.” Ben needs to get out of the hospital, out of this family’s reach and out of town while he’s still a complete package.

    1. I agree. Let me work on that eventuality.

  5. How many moms would go to this level to get rid of the boyfriend?

    1. Maybe one. Mrs. Worthe.

  6. I’m with coldhandboyack. Was that her plan all along? Hmm.
    Love the tension, John. 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thanks Tess. I think she threatened Ben in a way to set him up.

      1. Ah… So Ben might take the fall for all of them, to protect his sweetie… Hmmm Even if that happens I’m sure you have more twists in mind. 🙂

      2. Well…as they say twisted is as twisted does. 😀

      3. What a conniving mind. So many tricks and turns and– Come on, Ben smarten up! Can’t you see what’s happening here?
        On the other hand, he’s not much of a loss. o_O 😀

  7. Mrs Worthe was going to take Ben’s right thumb, as something he values. He then spoke of the ring, which he gave to Alexis, to which her resonse was “You value Alexis, don’t you?”
    The question now is simple. What is she going to do with that information? And what sort of deal could they strike, based on that intelligence?

    1. This will be answered next week. All good questions my friend.

  8. Goodness. I think Ben should start throwing stuff at her. Like rocks and things. Anything he can find.

    1. He is tied down right now. Maybe when he gets untied.

  9. The Mrs is frightening and a tough sell, for sure. And I fear for Alexis, John.

    1. Yeah. I think you have reason.

      1. I think so, too. Make it bloody. 😉

  10. Poor Alexis. She’s next on mommie’s hit list and doesn’t even know it! At least Ben has gotten her off his back (but how can he warn Alexis??)

    1. Yes. Poor Ben is tied to the table. I don’t know what he’ll do.

  11. Poor Alexis! I hope she can take off that ring!
    Thanks for bringing this to the party, John! Have fun hopping!

  12. Ben is such a girl. I would have buried that bloody woman under the patio by now.

    Lethal staples, huh? Nasty.

    1. You do know the NSA reads all my stuff don’t you?

      1. The NSA have no jurisdiction over my patio.

      2. That’s right they don’t.

      3. …and anyway, don’t they read EVERYONE’S stuff?

      4. Yeah, I guess they do.

  13. Could things be looking up for Ben?

    1. Maybe. We’ll have to see. 🙂

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