Wednesday – Story Day – AKA Hump Day

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Wednesday Story Day time again. Last week we were introduced to Father Lightfoot the priest that Ben had requested earlier. Mrs. Worthe points out to the priest that Ben has been restrained by the hospital staff and could be insane. To add a little spice to the scene, Ben declares Mrs. Worthe to be the devil. Such a statement does not go a long way in convincing others that he is normal. Let’s go back and see how the priest reacts to this scene.

“I’m sorry my boy, but your statement about the devil and Mrs. Worthe leads me to believe you have some problems that need attention.”
“You can help can’t you father?”
“Well I can certainly pray for you, but my speciality is not mental illness.”
“I’m not mentally ill.”
“So says the boy strapped to a gurney. Come on father we are wasting time here. This person needs some professional help.”
“Just a minute Mrs. Worthe. Let me say a prayer for Ben.”
“Knock yourself out, father. He is so far gone I think drugs will be the course of treatment here.”
“I understand Mrs. Worthe. If you could leave us for a moment. I would like to concentrate on a healing message.”
“Sure father. By the way does your Parrish have any special needs that I could help with a donation?”
“Let’s talk a little about that after I finish with Ben.”
“Suit yourself. I’ll be right outside. Take care Ben. Don’t forget we all love you. Oh yes and Mr. Thumb was asking for you. I’ll call and tell him you are doing fine. Bye now.”
“Mr. Thumb? Is that why you are confused about Mrs. Worthe and your thumb.”
“Father. Listen to me. She mentioned thumb to remind me of her threat to cut mine off if I talk.”
“Oh now come on my son. How would she do that to you? There are too many witnesses here.”
“She will wait until everyone is gone. Then she will attack.”
“Let us pray, my son.”
“No father you must help me. Give me three minutes and then if you still think I’m crazy, you can just forget what I tell you. If that his the case then you need to tell Mrs. Worthe that I said nothing. How about it?”
“Well, I guess three minutes can’t hurt.”
“Thank you, father. Let me start at the beginning.”
“Yes, my son. Start at the beginning.”
“Alexis. Uh, Mrs. Worthe’s daughter and I decided to blow up the Student Union at the University.”
“Okay, Ben. I think you should stop right there and let me do the praying.”
“W-why father?”
“Do you realize what you just said is crazy talk.”


  1. Is he a proper priest? Seems a bit judgemental to me! I think what Ben needs is a healthy dose of platitudes.

    Hang on one darned minute — that’s exactly what he doesn’t need!

    1. A plate of platitudes protecting proper people? You are right. No

  2. I think the priest has a point there. Not everyone goes around blowing up student unions, at least not at the university I attended. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Seems to be an odd hobby doesn’t it. Thanks, Suzanne.

  3. Starting to question this guy’s credentials. A guy admits to wanting to blow up a building and he’s cut off?

    1. Well, you know how some folks are. Judgmental no matter what.

  4. I have been in situations where I think a lie would be easier to believe than the truth. I think Ben is doomed, but hopefully not for eternity, only here on earth as he learns to work in Base-9.

    1. Hopefully he can convert all numbers effectively. Thanks Dan

  5. Dadblameit. The Father is going to cause problems now.

  6. He’s already losing a thumb to Mrs. W; if I was Ben, I’d stay with that theme and give Father Lightfoot the finger.

    1. Ha ha ha. Another good one.

  7. I think he needs more than three minutes.“So says the boy strapped to a gurney.” LOL!

    1. Thanks, Jill. 🙂

  8. This is such a fun story. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  9. Oh Ben… This just keeps getting better, John. Thanks for the lunch-break fun. Mega hugs.

    1. Always happy to be helpful. Hugs

  10. Ben’s not getting any help from this priest, is he? No, I suppose not. Gotta hand it to Mrs. Worthe — she just more convincing, especially with that checkbook open!

    1. Yes that checkbook is very convincing

  11. Uh Oh, there’s more to the story! Mrs. Worth’s daughter involved in a blowing up mission? I’d believe what Ben says. This is way beyond a priest’s work…he should close his ears and start praying. Look forward to more of the story, John! 💛 Elizabeth

    1. Yes it is true. The priest is a little lax.

  12. Prayer is not going to help this situation! Mr. Thumb indeed -clever.

    1. Nope. The priest needs to come up with something better.

  13. You convey crazy talk masterfully, John.

  14. Father lost his listening ears, says the teacher. However, maybe less is more in this instance.

    1. Yes. He had his father ears on.

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