Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day

Wednesday Story Day


Wednesday Story Day again and we last left Ben and Father Lightfoot discussing Ben’s situation. Ben was trying to explain the situation when Father Lightfoot interrupted him and implied that Ben was not right in the head. Let’s go back and see if there will be anything positive coming out of this discussion.

“You said I was talking crazy Father.”
“I didn’t mean that you were talking crazy my son. What I meant is your statement was the talk of a crazy person.”
“What? The idea of blowing up the Student Union.”
“Exactly Ben. You think it is okay to do something like that?”
“I believe that it is a little eccentric but certainly not the act of a crazy person.”
“Okay, maybe I was a bit too harsh. Why don’t you tell me why you wanted to blow up the Student Union.”
“Well, Alexis and I thought it would be a statement.”
“Statement? What kind of statement?”
“Well, father to be honest Alexis and I were never really happy at the university, and we thought by blowing up the Student Union we would exorcise whatever feelings we had for the place. That was before Mrs. Worthe came on the scene.”
“Okay, so Mrs. Worthe got involved. How did that change things?”
“Well, the mission went from one of a single purpose of cleansing to one of greed.”
“Greed? You want to explain what you mean?”
“Sure. Mrs. Worthe convinced us to plant the explosives and then demand from the university a ransom to keep us from blowing up the building.”
“My word. How much?”
“Ten million dollars.”
“Whew that is a lot of money. What were you going to do with all that money?”
“We were going to launder it and then send it to offshore accounts. Alexis thought it would be a way to have all the things she wanted.”
“What about you Ben. Did you want the money?”
“Well, I never gave it much thought. I guess it would have been nice to give Alexis what she wanted.”
“Come on Ben. We are talking about you. What did you want?”
“I wanted to forget the whole thing. That’s what I wanted.”
“So you shot yourself.”
“I didn’t mean to shoot myself.”
“But it sure put a stop to the plan. Didn’t it?”
“I suppose. Will you help me, Father?”
“I must confess my son. Yours is a sad case. You have allowed Mrs. Worthe and Alexis get you into a position of breaking some pretty big laws.”
“I know right? How can I get out of this mess?”
“Take a look at this Ben.”
“This is an ID of a FBI agent. OMG, you are with the FBI?”


  1. F-f-father Lightfoot’s a F-f-fed? Looks like Ben’s f-f-f… in serious trouble. Will the suit believe Ben’s story? Will this land Mrs Worthe in the trouble she so richly deserves? Will Alexis talk her way out of this one? Will next week’s episode provide clarity? Who knows?
    No. I mean it. Who knows?

    1. Yeah I sure don’t. Thanks for the prequel. Don’t forget to mention the sponsors name next time. 🙂

  2. Any statement Ben makes to the FBI on his own will be Worthe-less in court.

    1. Liked the word play . -)

  3. Interesting twist. Though now I wonder if Mrs. Worthe has been under observation for a long time. She isn’t exactly subtle.

    1. Good point. She seems a little obvious.

  4. I found it difficult to read on after the meme, John. That’s hilarious!
    “I believe that it is a little eccentric but certainly not the act of a crazy person.” He’s nuts.

    1. Yes he is. Ha ha ha

  5. Aha! I’m liking this father now. An agent, too? That’s cool.

    1. Had to dress him up a bit. Thanks Jill

  6. Maybe this guy is Ben’s best bet. He probably won’t demand body parts in exchange for testimony.

    1. I think so. Ben had to find a friend somewhere. Might as well be the FBI.

  7. OMG! I laughed out loud, John. I did NOT see that coming. You’re the twist master! 😎 Mega hugs!

    1. Always fun to trap the master.

  8. John, you should have told us to put our seat belt on for that one. My neck hurts. Great twist…I…hope. I’m not sure I trust you.

    1. Sad isn’t it? You are very right not to trust me. Heh heh heh. *wrings hands and pulls handlebar mustache*

      1. Snidely Howell? It’s OK. Aside from the neck brace, I am enjoying the ride.

      2. LOL. I think in the next story I’m going to give a shout out and let you know to ease back on the headrest.

  9. Nice twist, John — I didn’t see that one coming!!

    1. Oh good. Thanks Debbie.

  10. OMG, we knew there was something not right with that priest! Maybe there is a way out for him. But I did not see that coming…good one, John!

    1. Thank you. Hope to keep the plot twisting.

  11. From hilarious to infinitely clever.
    Well done, John.

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