Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

College meme


Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we saw the unthinkable situation where Mrs. Worthe is pretty much taking control of Ben’s life. She insisted that Ben come to her house to recover. The only good thing about this situation is Ben will be able to keep his eye on the family for Father Lightfoot. (Raymond) Let’s go and see how Ben gets settled. (Yes we are jumping right to Mrs. Worthe’s house)

“Now Ben you can consider Mi casa Su casa.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Worthe. I was just wondering.”
“Wondering what Ben dear?”
“I was wondering if Father Lightfoot will be able to visit?”
“Why on earth do you want him to visit? You’re Jewish for heaven’s sake.”
“I know, but he is such a comfort. I think there is only one God after all.”
“You got something going with Raymond?”
“Please, Mrs. Worthe. I’m engaged to Alexis.”
“Yeah well, that may no be for long.”
“W-what are you saying?”
“Alexis is a pretty determined person. She does not suffer losers lightly.”
“Has she said anything?”
“She hasn’t been in to see you has she?”
“No. I thought she was away.”
“Why did you think that?”
“I don’t know. it was the only explanation for not coming in to see me.”
“There you are, Ben. There’s another reason which has escaped your pea brain.”
“She wants to break up?”
“Bingo. We have a winner, winner chicken dinner.”
“Damn. I did not expect that reaction from her.”
“You mean you expected her to hang out with a broke college student who shoots himself?”
“I thought we had a special relationship.”
“Sure you did, Ben. As long as it looked like you may have ten million dollars it was special.”
“Okay, Mrs. Worthe. You win. You win it all. I’m here under your thumb, and my fiancée doesn’t have the guts to come in and tell me we are through. Shows what a loser I am. I need to talk to Raymond and try to find another place to stay.”
“I wouldn’t be mentioning thumb if I were you, Ben. You are going nowhere. Do you have your phone?”
“Huh. Let me check. Where is it?”
“Right here. Now be a good boy and take a nap and maybe later I’ll let you talk to your precious Raymond.”


  1. I’d suggest Ben needs a priest hole to escape into, but in this context…maybe not.

    1. Might get messy. Thanks, Dale

  2. Poor, hapless Ben. He seems to get deeper in the lumpy stuff every week!

    1. Deep yogurt it’s true.Thanks, Keith.

  3. OK, at least when he needs to make his getaway, he won’t have to stop and kiss the girl. I hate long goodbyes when someone is trying to hack off your thumb.I hope that phone is locked behind a good password. My guess, it’s either 236 (ben) or 1234 – the kid just ain’t bright.

    1. I think he used 1225. LOL. Thanks, Dan.

      1. I also meant to mention that someone at our meeting yesterday used the expression “winner winner chicken dinner” and it started s discussion between those of us who like it but hardly ever hear it and those who claim to have never heard it.

      2. The coincidence of life always amazes me. 🙂

  4. “We have a winner, winner chicken dinner.” I didn’t expect this reaction. 🙂 Great comic, John!

    1. Thanks, Jill. Have a good Hump day.

  5. I’m really wondering how this woman got so far without getting into trouble. She seems to be losing all sense of subtlety. Did she got to the Lex Luthor School of Villainy?

    1. I think Lex is her uncle. Thank, Charles

  6. There are too many Mrs Worthes in real life! LOL. Whatever will become of Ben now? I had always thought that Mr Worthe would do a secret turnaround and be the one to save the day… but maybe it’s the daughter. I ask myself, is she really sick of Ben, or is that more of mommy’s manipulations? Hmmmmm.
    Great story, John.
    I’ve got my first speaking engagement this afternoon. I’m doing Communication in the Zombie Age. 😀 Hugs.

    1. Break a leg (In the theater is a good thing) If there is a video I would love to get the link. Hugs

      1. Akkk — a video? I hadn’t considered that. LOL I sure hope not! But if there is I’ll send a link. 🙂

      2. I hope there is.(so there) 🙂

  7. Ooo! She makes me so mad. Still, tho. Ben should do something dreadful to her. Like, cut her nose off.

    1. How about bite it off.

  8. Now I’m thinking of fixing chicken tonight.

  9. Seems Mrs. Worthe is a real antagonist in this. Poor Ben. Now he may have lost his girlfriend. There’s truly dirty work afoot. Good episode, John. The cartoon above is hilarious, but true. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. Mrs. Worthe is definitely gaining strength.

  10. Ben’s been played. Mrs. Worth is worthless.

    1. Thank you, Susie. I have to agree with you.

  11. Ben’s really traveling under a dark cloud, isn’t he? Bad enough his shooting himself. Now he’s lost the girl and gained Mrs. Worthe as babysitter. Yikes! Perhaps when Mercury concludes its retrograde motion things will improve for him?!

    1. I will need to consult someone on that possibility. Thanks, Debbie.

  12. John, great dialogue! Now I hope Ben gets out of Mrs. Worthe’s clutches. Maybe he’s stronger than we think and has an escape plan. Is it possible he’s playing along? 💛 Elizabeth

    1. Mooohahahahah. *Fiendish laugh*

    2. Moooohahahah *Fiendish laugh*

  13. And I thought I had problems…

    1. Naw. You live a charmed life compared to Ben.

      1. You don’t know that for certain, buddy.

      2. Well, it just appears to be that way.

  14. That Mrs. Worthe has been working on breaking Ben and Alex up from the beginning. I’m sure of it. Nothing she says is about anyone but HER.
    I hope Ben sleeps with one eye open. o_O

    1. Too bad he doesn’t know how to handle a gun. It would be handy.

      1. Ha ha. Only if he knew how to use it and not shoot himself. 😛

      2. Ha ha ha. He’s doomed.

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