Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

college 5-24

Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we left Mrs. Wolfe and Ben with the possibility that Mrs. Worthe will let Ben talk to Father Lightfoot (Raymond) with the direction to take a nap. Mrs. Worthe took Ben’s phone so he will have no choice but to play whatever song Mrs. Worthe wants to hear. Let’s go back since I see Alexis outsides Ben’s door.
“Psst Ben.”
“Yes, I’m awake. Come in Alexis.”
“How are you, Ben?”
“I’m doing better now that you’re here.”
“I’m sorry I haven’t been to see you sooner, but mom told me you didn’t want to see me.”
“What? That is a lie, Alexis.”
“I figured it was a story that she made up to keep us apart.”
“I don’t understand her at all.’
“That makes two of us. What made you take her up on the offer to come here?”
“You don’t know she threatened me?”
“No. She just told me that you were a sick puppy and that I needed to stay away since you hated me.”
“Hated you. Aw, Alexis, that is so far from the truth.’
“I’m so glad I came in, Ben.”
“Me too. In fact, she told me you didn’t want to see me since I had no money.”
“My love that would never happen.”
“I’m so happy now.”
“So what is your plan?”
“Plan? W-whaddya you mean plan?”
“You must have the plan to get away at the least and maybe a bigger plan to take old moms down.”
“Gee I haven’t given it much thought. I know I want to heal. I did ask your mom if I could talk to Father Lightfoot. I think I need to talk to someone.”
“Who is Father Lightfoot?”
“Didn’t you meet him at the hospital?”
“No. I spent most of the time in the coffee shop.”
“I would have thought your mother would have introduced you.”
“I was pretty upset with the thought you were through with me. Maybe she thought it would not be necessary.”
“Yes, especially if you wanted to talk as well.”
“Talk? About what?”
“Never mind, dear. Could you hand me that water please?”


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    1. Thank you , Sally. So sweet. Hugs.

      1. I would put triple X’s but don’t want the wrong idea. How about four (No it’s not flour) XXXX

      2. I will take them anyway you send them John.. hugs

      3. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Sally.

  2. Now I’m confused. That last line sounded like Mrs Worthe; she who has lied to both of the youngsters and had them on a mushroom diet (kept in the dark and fed on BS)

    1. I think you have her pegged. 🙂

  3. This seems strange. Alexis has had her Mrs. Worthe moments, so I’m suspicious. Ben really needs to get away from that family.

    1. Or do them in. Thanks.

  4. I’m not sure about that Alexis…but I love the monkey!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks.

  5. Ben, Ben Ben Ben. Do NOT trust any of them! This kid really needs a guardian angel and he needs to put some distance between him and the Worthes.

    1. Yeah. Let’s hope old Raymond can help.

  6. Goodness. I don’t trust her, the sudden. He should…should…scream for help.

    1. I know right? I don’t think we can trust anyone in this place.

  7. Sounds as if Alexis is a chip off her mom’s block! That, or the poor girl really is addle-brained (or hey, maybe being drugged into compliance?) Lots of possibilities there, John — another interesting segment of this tale!

    1. Thanks Debbie. These guys give me a headache.

  8. Hmmm… I’m feeling a little like Alice, with things getting curiouser and curiouser. Well played, John. Midweek hugs!

    1. Thank you, Teagan.

  9. At first a curious surprise, but I am skeptic. This sure is a strange family. Like mother, like daughter? Hmm. Curious-er and curious-er. o_O
    Nice twist.

    1. Thanks,Tess. They are pretty messed up all right.

  10. Ugh! Leave it to me, but I found a typo, John. 😦 If you are like me, you’d want it pointed out. “You must have the plan to get (await) (I think you meant away at) the least and maybe a bigger plan to take old moms down.” These two characters definitely have some decisions to make. It will be interesting to see what they choose.

    1. You are so right Jan. Thank you for catching it. The correction is done. They do have some decisions to make like who needs to kill whom. 🙂

  11. No wonder Mrs.Worthe can rule this group. They are a confused and/or gullible lot. You wouldn’t know who to trust. Good episode, John. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Seems like a lot of people are in that boat. Thanks, Suzanne.

  12. Brilliant as always, John.

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