Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

College Meme

Wednesday Story day again. Last week we witnessed Ben and Alexis come together and discovered they are absolutely on different pages. Alexis looked like she was trying to find out what Ben was planning to do. If so, she was probably an agent of Trudy Worthe. The two did discover that Mrs. Worthe told each that the other was through with them. I sure wouldn’t trust Mrs. Worthe if I were Alexis and I certainly wouldn’t act as her agent. But, who am I? I’m just writing this stuff down, and these two need to sort it out for themselves. Let’s go back and see how they do it.
“Ben, I’ve been thinking.”
“Okay. About what?”
“I’m not too pleased with my mother for telling me you didn’t want to see me.”
“how do you think I feel about her after she told me you were through with me.?”
“I’ll bet that hurt.”
“More than you know.”
“I’m sorry. I should have come to you sooner.”
“Well, if you thought I didn’t want to see you, why would you?”
“My mother is a bitch.”
“I think there would be a lot of folks who would agree. Did she tell you to come in here and get some information from me?”
“She did. I don’t know why I followed her directions, though.”
“You are her daughter, and you can’t help yourself. We need to make up some story that you can tell her.”
“I don’t think she will believe that you don’t have a plan. She knows you are too smart for that response.”
“Why thank you, you’re making me blush. Let me see. How about going back to the old plant that I’m going to tell Father Lightfoot about the plan to blow up the Student Union and then ask him to call the police.”
“You’re not going to do that are you?”
“No of course not. She needs to believe you, though.”
“Oh, I see. I think that will work.”
“Okay then. Tell her that when you report in.”
“I feel sorry that you think I was spying on you.’
“I know your mother. Think nothing of it.”
“I love you, my dear Ben.”
“I love you, my dear Alexis. Now tell her so we can see what she is going to do.”
“Okay. See you later.”
“I hope so. Bye.”


  1. Ooh. Gang up against the battle-axe. What a splendid idea.
    I noticed, though, that Ben didn’t reveal Fr Lightfoot’s real identity and purpose…

    1. He may be pretty dumb but I think he has lost faith in Alexis

      1. Sadly, his experience with Mrs W has blurred the line between trust and trussed!

      2. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh.

      3. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Keith for the laugh.

  2. Still not buying it. Of course, I mean the Ben being smart thing. 😉

    1. I know, right?:-D

  3. “We need to make up some story that you can tell her.” This never works.
    The meme gave me a flashback from high school algebra. 😦

    1. You’re right. It never works. The meme reminded me of a financaI accounting test where I sat for fifteen minutes reading and re-reading the question. (Yes only one question) I finally walked up to the professor handed him my paper and told him to give me a zero.(I had straight A’s). He blanched and stopped the test. Not sure but I think he designed the question in a bar the night before.

      1. LOL! What a great story!

  4. “tell her so we can see what she is going to do” – What’s wrong with these kids? That’s like “I heard a noise in that dark room. Let’s go in without a flashlight.”

    I did like the word problem though. Do we have to show our work?

    1. As in most tests, yes. Show your work.Thanks, Dan

      1. I know, right?

  5. I think Ben’s right if he doesn’t trust anyone in that house. He better start plotting how to get away. —- Suzanne

    1. I think you are right Suzanne.

  6. Forget New Comic Book Day, John… you make Wednesdays unforgettable!

  7. Has Ben finally smartened up? Seems unlikely, but one can always hope for what is there is all hope is gone? I’m on the edge of my seat now. Who will trip up first? 😀 😀 😀 Knowing Ben, he’ll put his foot in it somehow. Sheesh.

    1. I’m sure he is no smarter. 😀

  8. Bee Halton · ·

    There could always be a deus ex machina couldn’t there? 🙂

    1. Yes. Possible.

      1. Bee Halton · ·


  9. Didn’t turn on my computer all day yesterday — imagine me kicking myself at missing this great story! I’m not sure I believe Alexis. She still seems awfully much under her mama’s thumb. However, I did love your meme — brought back many a Shakespeare test in Lit class!

    1. Lit class arrrrgggg. Now you have reminded me. 🙂

  10. Well, at least she’s sweet, the sudden.

    1. Yes sweet. (Like arsenic)

      1. Aha! It’s still all an act!

      2. I’ll let you decide.

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