Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day

Hump day story

Wednesday Story Time again. Last week we left Ben poking the Worthe bear by telling Trudy she was nuts. Probably not a good thing to do. To punch up his dependence on her, Trudy inquired what Ben would like for lunch. We all shouted at Ben to try to survive the next few days without eating anything. Did Ben hear us? Let’s go back and see. Someone grab that body bag over there. We might need it.
“Well, Ben dear. I fixed you a nice bowl of soup for lunch. It’s my favorite, chicken noodle.”
“Aw gee, Mrs. Worthe. I don’t think I could eat anything right now. I haven’t been out of bed and don’t feel hungry.”
“Oh, come on, Ben. I didn’t poison your soup. You have nothing to worry about regarding poison. Don’t listen to the likes of Antion. Here I’ll take a sip. See I’m still okay.”
“Y-you think I will be able to talk to father Lightfoot?”
“I still don’t know what’s wrong with you. That shaman isn’t going to help you.”
“I don’t need any help. I just need to take care of my soul.”
“Yeah, right. You may think you are clever Ben. I am always several steps ahead of you.”
“What do you mean?”
“I called Lightfeather and told him to get his ass over here and give you whatever forgiveness you were looking for in this life.”
“You did? I’m surprised.”
“Why. Don’t you think I have compassion?”
“Frankly. No.”
“A little too quick on the ‘frankly’ Ben. I think you could hurt my feelings.”
“I-I could.”
“Are you kidding me? Ha ha ha. You couldn’t hurt a fly let alone my feelings. Guess what?”
“I’m going to break you. When it is over, you will beg me to forgive you.”
“Forgive me for what?”
“Ah. I think you know, but I will make it very clear to you.”
“You always confuse me Mrs. Worthe. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Yeah, sure, Ben. Do you want me to feed you your soup.”
“No thanks, I’ll manage.”
“Now there’s a good boy. You will need your strength. Oh, by the way. I will be with you while that witch doctor is here. I don’t trust you.”
“Sounds swell Mrs. Worthe. Mmm, this soup is good. It’s calming. There is an interesting after note. What is that spice?”
“Damn right the soup is good. An old family recipe with my special touch.


  1. Does the stupid boy think one tiny sip would hurt? Is he dumb enough to consume the entire bowl on the basis of her taking (or appearing to take) one minuscule mouthful?

    1. He seems to be under a spell of some kind.:-)

      1. I fear for his wellbeing.

      2. You have every right 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    John Howell continuing with his Wednesday AKA Hump day.. Ben tucks into a bowl of soup prepared by Mrs Worthe… mmmmmm

    1. Thank you , Sally. 🙂

  3. Take my advice – listen carefully to me – DON’T EAT THE SOUP! What’s wrong with this kid? Her special touch, indeed…

    1. Ha ha ha. I see him looking away, Dan.

  4. So, did she pay everyone in the hospital to let her do what she wants? I’m starting to wonder why nurses and doctors stay away and let her just hang out in the room when she isn’t family.

    1. They are back at Mrs. Worthe’s house now. She is definitely in control.

      1. Sorry about that. Ben is so screwed.

  5. Who eats soup in the summertime? Silly boy!

    1. Sick boys. Ha ha ha. 😀

  6. I would spill it all over her! And boil her ears away.

    1. Sounds like a plan.

      1. She’d scream then

  7. I bet if he dumped it in a plant, the plant would wither up and die. I agree. We all feel like yelling, “DON’T EAT THE SOUP!” 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you Suzanne. We will have to see if all those voices have an effect.

  8. Oh, I think Ben is in DEEP trouble! He does seem to be in a somewhat hypnotic state.

    1. Yeah. He’s fallen for the old chicken soup ploy. Next he’ll be asking for Vicks Vape-O-Rub Thanks Jan.

  9. I’ve got to hand it to her — Mrs. Worthe has everything under control, especially poor Ben. How could he have fallen for the one-sip trick??

    1. Look at him. Do you think he is dealing with a full deck? 🙂

  10. I begin to think dear Ben was in the bathroom when they handed out IQs.
    I wonder if our FBI/priest Lightfoot could convince Trudy that Ben is possessed… That could be interesting. She might pledge her soul to him… 😉

    Thanks for the hump day treat, John. I “starred” the email. But with all the workday drama, nearly forgot. When I walked into the office they had the heat running in stead of the air. It was 90 degrees inside. By noon the best they had managed to do was cut off the heat. I went home sick (of it).
    Mega hugs!

    1. Wow. Sounds like someone did a number on you all. Good thing to get out of there. Stay cool at home. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

  11. Ben has a short memory, or is too hungry to pay attention. I don’t like the sound of Mrs. Worthe’s words, “…An old family recipe with my special touch.” 😀 😀 😀 I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing…

    1. I think because you have seen this scene before and by it’s nature is funny.

  12. That special touch is truly special…

    1. Maybe too special.

  13. I see Ben is finally taking stock.

    1. Ha ha ha. Great!!!!:-)

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