Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day

College Costs

college costs

Wednesday is story time again. Last week we left Ben after Trudy ordered him to the kitchen. She has something on her mind as a way to prove Ben’s loyalty. I don’t know about you, but I was so glad to get out of the bedroom that I raced ahead to see what Trudy had in store for Ben. I think a bunch of us think Ben is useless, and this may be a divining moment where he proves once and for all if he has what it takes to overcome Trudy and her nest. (not a typo) So I’m in the kitchen and here comes Trudy.
“Alexis get in here.”
“Geez mom. Why are you yelling?”
“That stupid boyfriend of yours just tried to seduce me.”
“W-what? God , mom you are old enough to be his m—”
“I know. You don’t think that creeps me out?”
“Are you sure. You know you always think people are hitting on you.”
“He was naked in bed and invited me to join him.”
“OMG. Why on Earth would he invite you into his bed.”
“Well, for one reason I’m still a good-looking woman. For another he has some plot up his sleeve.”
“Plot? What kind of plot?”
“I think he is in with that priest Father Lightfoot. I’m not even sure he’s a priest.”
“What would they want?”
“I’m thinking they want to gather information on your father and me.”
“Information? What kind of information?”
“How do I know? We are powerful people and targets for extortion schemes.”
“Wow. What can we do?”
“I want you and your father to take a little trip.”
“A trip? Where ?”
“You and he need to go to the Cayman Islands and check on our accounts.”
“The Cayman Islands? You have offshore accounts?”
“Please Alexis. This is no time to start to be interested in our finances. Yes, we have offshore accounts and you and your dad need to go and check to see if anyone has been asking the bank about them and then pull the funds.’
“Pull the funds? What are we going to do with a bunch of money in the Cayman’s?”
“I have a plan and your father will brief you on the way. Now go and pack. I need to talk to your dad. Oh, you may be gone for a few weeks so pack accordingly.”
“Mom. I don’t like this at all.”
“Go Alexis, honey. It will be all right. Oh look who’s here. Ben.”
“Hi, Alexis.”
“Hi Ben. Gotta go. bye.”


  1. I’m surprised she’ll trust her husband and daughter with her scheme, and even more surprised that she doesn’t deal with the whole thing on-line or by telephone.
    Unless, of course, she has a reason for wanting them out of the way for a few weeks.
    Oh dear. Is this Trudy’s plan to have Ben alone for some ‘quality time’, or has she some other purpose for him?

    1. Well, i think she is up to something. BTW she doesn’t want her phone calls traced. She thinks father /daughter vacation cover will work. Not too bright.

  2. Yeah. Ben’s attempts were pretty terrible. Starting to wonder if Lightfoot is an agent or is simply terrible at his job. A potted plant would be more help than Ben.

    1. A potted plant? Hmmm got me thinking. 🙂

      1. Agent Fern is on the case!

      2. Agent fern and his side kick Dr. Compost.

      3. Think you have a children’s series there.

  3. A trip to the Cayman Island sounds good to me…at least it might cost less than air at college. That’s hilarious!

    1. I had a good laugh on that meme. Thanks, Jill.

  4. I love the “college expenses”. That’s one crazy family, and Ben isn’t much better. Perhaps Alexis and Ben would be a good couple. They both need directions on making decisions. A good installment, John. It’s off to the Cayman Islands for some of the characters then. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Then? Oh my. 🙂

  5. Seems to me that Ben isn’t going to have anyone to hear him scream.

    1. Sounds that way doesn’t it. I’m putting my fingers in my ears.

  6. Hmm. A “plot up his sleeve” when he’s naked in bed? Whoops. (Seriously, I know what you mean. Probably so distracted by that bedroom scene that your fingers got a bit tangled. Now the story is thickening nicely!)

    1. Idioms know no bounds. 🙂 Thanks Debbie.

  7. Hmmm… Well treacherous Trudy seems to be putting bumbling Ben’s “cover story” into effect. However, one suspects she is actually following her own agenda. As for “Father” Lightfoot maybe he has a more personal agenda than the FBI’s, but what…? You’re a crafty one, John. There’s no telling where you have this going now. 😀 Have a wicked Wednesday. Mega hugs.

    1. Thanks, Teagan. Maybe I’m not even sure where I’m going. Ah well it is fun getting there. Wonderful Wednesday to you. Hugs.

      1. LOL… The one thing that seems to be certain with me is that I do not know where I’m going — literally. 😀 Here’s to the journey. Have a thriving Thursday. Mega hugs.

      2. You as well, Teagan.

  8. Trudy is one step ahead of Ben, again. Let’s hope Lightfoot has a better plan.

    1. Yeah. Come on Lightfoot. 🙂

      1. He’s the only hope Ben has. In s battle of wits, I think he’s outgunned.

      2. Can’t even get his wit out of the holster.

  9. And the plot thickens . . . Unfortunately, so does Ben’s noggin.

    1. He is the thickest. Thanks, Pilgrim.

  10. So, Alexis has Cayman gone.

    1. Yes she has. 😀

  11. That Ben…
    I thought my life was tumultuous…

    1. I know right? 🙂

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