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I am pleased to have P.H. Solomon author of The Bow of Destiny visit Fiction Favorites as part of his “The Lost Bow” blog tour by 4WillsPublishing


Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.


Athson has seen things that aren’t there and suffered fits since being tragically orphaned as a child at the hands of trolls and Corgren the wizard. When a strange will mentioning a mysterious bow comes into his possession, he’s not sure it’s real. But the trolls that soon pursue him are all too real and dangerous. And what’s worse, these raiders serve Corgren and his master, the hidden dragon, Magdronu, who are responsible for the destruction of his childhood home. Athson is drawn into a quest for the concealed Bow of Hart by the mystic Withling, Hastra, but Athson isn’t always sure what’s real and who his enemies are. With Corgren and Magdronu involved, Athson must face not only frequent danger but his grasp on reality and the reasons behind his tragic past.

 Bow of Destiny

The Bow of Destiny is, at its heart, an adventure quest to find a special bow. Where is it? Who has it? Why is truly special? Is the main character meant to possess it and, if so, to what end?


Few people know anything certain about the bow. The Lost Bow Tour leads you on the path to begin finding out all the secrets that lie in The Bow of Destiny. The world of Denaria is open to everyone to begin discovering answers to the questions and enjoy the adventure of this fantasy quest.


Wow, you almost got lost in that river! Good thing you brought those floaties – I think they helped. You almost took a Missoua Boat Ride!




Glad you made it though – I really don’t know where that river goes. Oh yes, here’s a towel, stay down, though, you never know if there’s still a troll shooting arrows this way.


I’ll let you grab a breath for a few minutes after all that and share some different details about The Bow of Destiny. First, here’s a recent review that I liked from a reader who posted on Amazon:


Destiny can be… inconvenient, but is always unavoidable.


Without any spoilers, I can only say that the author was wise in his choices. The characters are multi-dimensional, yet true to the tone of the epic fantasy in progress. You will find yourself spending far too much time reading this one, and neglecting other things. But in the end, you’ll have had a ride in a world of magic, and more. The journey to…. but that’s a spoiler, so all I’ll say is that one can almost see the trail, and fear the Trolls.


That’s quite nice and one of the best-written reviews I’ve had. Next, here’s the trailer for The Bow of Destiny:



Here are more nice words for The Bow of Destiny which I received in email from a reader:


“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to step into the magical and special world that you have created. It is a solid and well-crafted work that you should be so thrilled with.


Now to some internet radio interviews I’ve had over the last year:


Beyond the Cover on Rave Waves


The Magic Happens


Speculative Fiction Cantina


Also here are a few recent blog appearances:


The Thursday Interview


Bookwraiths: Tuesday Teaser


And one of my favorites on C. S. Boyack’s Lisa Burton Radio (which is actually a great blog series).


And now a few last reviews:


“I’ve been waiting for this since reading the prequels, and it was well worth the wait.

The author kept enough of the story a mystery until the right time while maintaining an engrossing story full of description and heartfelt love and angst. One of the highlights for me was the way the story started off with Athson having some difficulty before gradually moving away from some of the elements. I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil it. Sorry.

The characters were well written and engaging to the point I felt for Athson and wanted him to tell off Hastra through most of the book. Lol. Even Athson’s growing relationship with Limbreth felt right and was a pleasant change from the usual “fall in love at first sight” that’s common in fantasy. Out of all of the characters, Corgren remains one of my favorites, but he was bumped down to second place by the giant Ralda. Ralda’s complexity added an element that was briefly touched on in a couple of scenes, and I’m curious to see if his character branches off in his own book or series.

Overall, this has become one of my favorite fantasy books, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.”  CP on Amazon


“This is P. H. Solomon’s first book in the Bow of Hart Saga and in a word I found it incredible! The story is so rich with different elements that I found myself totally engrossed from the very beginning.


The opening perspective was very interesting and unexpected. I would say more, but I hate it when people give away too much of the plot in a review.


The action sequences were gripping and written in such a way as to make you feel like you are there with the main character at each twist and turn of the story.


I loved the maps of the lands, the different dialects, and races in the story, the use of magic in that it wasn’t overused but rather a wonderful seasoning to the story.


It is easy to see the time and attention to detail the author has put into this book. Give this story a try; you will not be disappointed!” Jerry Connell on Amazon


“The writing style is great, really enjoyed reading this book. Couldn’t put it down. OK…so book 2?” Malikai on Amazon

That’s all for today, get some rest and I’ll see you tomorrow. You might wear something comfortable for climbing tomorrow for our last little adventure. And, uh, make sure you’ve signed the old will and remember you’re on your own here…

Book 1 of The Bow of Hart Saga: The Bow of Destiny can be found at these online retailers: Barnes & Noble, KoboiBooksAmazon – Kindle & Smashwords. See the book trailer.

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  1. P. H. Solomon lives in the greater Birmingham, AL area where he strongly dislikes yard work and sanding the deck rail. However, he performs these duties to maintain a nice home for his loved ones as well as the family’s German Shepherds. In his spare time, P. H. rides herd as a Computer Whisperer on large computers called servers (harmonica not required). Additionally, he enjoys reading, running, most sports and fantasy football. Having a degree in Anthropology, he also has a wide array of more “serious” interests in addition to working regularly to hone his writing. The Bow of Destiny is his first novel-length title with more soon to come.




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  1. Gwen Plano · ·

    Fascinating storyline and captivating cover! All the best on your tour!

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    1. Thanks, Gwen. I appreciate you stopping by today.

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  2. Good luck to you, as you continue your tour PH.

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    1. Thanks again for all your support this week, Joy!

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  3. And thank you John for hosting him. 🙂

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    1. And my thanks to John today as well!

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  4. I’m really looking forward to starting this saga. Bow of Destiny is on my Kindle and getting closer to the top of my reading list. Wishing you a wonderful tour, P.H., and I just love that book cover!
    Thanks to John for hosting!

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    1. Thanks Mae! I’m currently enjoying your book as well!

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      1. Good to hear! 🙂

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  5. Hey PH, thanks for the nod again. You’re really on an extensive tour and I hope it brings you a ton of action. Thanks for hosting, John.

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    1. Thanks again for clicking by today, Craig. It’s been fun coming up with all the different activities for readers around the various settings. I’ve had a great week with it!

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  6. harmonykentonline · ·

    I’m loving the tour, PH. And thanks for the towel … what a river ride! I hope you’re having a good tour, and I wish you all the best with everything 🙂

    John, thank you for always being such a great host 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping, Harmony. 🙂


    2. Thanks, Harmony! Yes, that’s a great clip…

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  7. Hey P. H.,
    Your ‘Bow of Destiny’ cover is so alive. It reminds me of those childhood adventure books when I’d keep flipping back to the cover so I could “see” what was happening. AWESOME! Great how you’ve tied every aspect of marketing together to promote in a most comprehensive way!
    Thank you for hosting John Howell. You are one of RRBC’s best!

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    1. Thanks for the visit, Linda. 🙂


    2. I appreciate your visit today, Linda, as well as your kind words. I had a lot of fun with the tour this week.

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