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Funny College

It is Wednesday Story Day again and last week Mrs. Worthe put Ben in an impenetrable garage that seems to spell the end for Ben. Not that too many of us care that old Ben has the potential to take a walk over the rainbow bridge, but he his a character after all. We need to go back and see if there is any hope for the boy.
“Mom where is Ben?”
“I put him in the garage. He won’t be bothering us anymore.”
“That makes me feel sad. I liked Ben.”
“Yeah didn’t we all. He represents a risk to us Alexis.”
“Isn’t there a way to shut him up without having him die a slow death in your torture chamber.”
“I tried, honey. He has some relationship with that fleabag priest. If in fact he is a priest.”
“Just the same can’t we take him for a ride and do it quickly?”
“Too many messy ends, sweetheart. I would like to be humane, but we just don’t have that luxury.”
“So when we come back we’ll have to deal with the body.”
“Yes. Your dad is good with those kinds of clean up chores. He’ll take care of it.”
“At least I won’t have to deal with it. Okay, mommy, you know best. Wait.”
“What is it, honey?”
“Do you smell gasoline?”
“Oh, my God. That idiot must have found some gas. I told your father to be super careful and check to make sure there was none in the garage.”
“Ralph. Come in here.”
“Yes, darling what is it?”
“Did you check the garage for gasoline?”
“Of course. What do you think I am an idiot.”
“I have to wonder sometimes, my sweet. Did yo empty the lawn mower?”
“The trimmer?”
“The chainsaw?”
“You didn’t empty the chainsaw?”
“I’m afraid it is worse than that. The chainsaw has a mixture, and I forgot the container as well.”
“How much is in the container?”
“A gallon I would say.”
“A gallon? That is enough to burn for a while.”
“What the hell is he going to burn. He will run out of air.”
“Except for the house side wall. That is standard construction. All he has to do is throw some gas on the wall and touch it off. He may die, but I can tell you the fire department will be here to find the body.”
“Okay, I get it. We need to get him out of there.”
“Are there any matches in the garage.”
“No, but there’s a propane torch.”
“You left a torch?”
“Not the gas container but the igniter can make a spark if he finds it.”
“We need to move fast.”


  1. Yeah! Up yours, Worthe family. Go, Ben, go.

    1. Another Ben fan. I hope you are investing in the right corner. Thanks, Keith.

      1. A Ben fan because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate. Now, what does that put me in mind of?

      2. Someone who roots for the underdog.

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The story is hotting up, literally over at John Howell’s blog where Ben is in deep trouble and Mrs Worthe is about to make it a whole lot worse..

    1. Thank you , Sally. Got a match?

      1. Don’s strike it John….please.. xx

      2. Ha ha ha. Don’t worry.

  3. A big Oops from Poppa Worthe. Maybe Alexis will see Ben again even now.

    1. The question is does Ben want to see her? Thanks, David.:-)

  4. Go Ben! Fire I’d s good answer to your problem(s). I hope he burns the right wall. I also hope he’s waiting with a pipe wrench when they open that door.

    1. At least Ben has one supporter, you. Thanks for being in his corner, Dan. 🙂

  5. Mr. Worthe seems more than a bit careless. To say Alexis is missing in empathy is putting it mildly. That’s one crazy family. I’m glad to see Ben won’t die a horrible death even though he isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box.. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks Suzanne. 😀

  6. Woah… High risk plan for Ben there… But then, what does he have to lose?
    Great twist, John. Have a wonder-filled Wednesday. Mega hugs.

    1. Wonderful Wednesday to you, Teagan. Thanks for taking time this morning. A big hug.

  7. Hope he found a way to leave a note too. I just don’t have much faith in a Ben plan working in his favor.

    1. At least he was smart enough to start throwing gas around. Of course, if he lights it he’s a goner.

      1. Unless he finds something to hide in. Sounds like they were only looking for flammables. What was Ben’s major again?

      2. He is a Electrical Engineering major. So far he slept through all his classes.

      3. Surprised he could spell that correctly.

  8. Ben may just be smarter than they or we think. He’s not giving up without a fight!

    1. Nope. C.S.Boyack pointed out he should use the chainsaw to tear through the wall. Gee, Ben why didn’t you think of that?

    2. I don’t know. Craig Boyack wondered why he didn’t use the chainsaw to break through the wall. Hey, Ben. Listen up.

  9. I’m on Ben’s side. These wackos need a taste of their own medicine. Looks like they’re about to get it, too. Hurry, Ben!!

    1. Ha ha ha. Ben can’t do it. He will go up in flames himself. Well, maybe he will.

  10. Nice job, John! Gotta pull for Ben!

    1. I suppose so. Darn it.

  11. Go Ben! Although taking the chainsaw to the side wall might be safer than fire. Aw, what the heck, Ben doesn’t seem that sharp.

    1. Yes. You are right.

  12. Frank wouldn’t have made a rookie mistake like that…

      1. Well, maybe, but Ben would still end up Franked

      2. Or Ben on a Bun.

  13. How ironic that Ben just may wiggle his way out of the torture chamber garage as the result of someone ELSE’S stupidity.

    Love the latest twist, Boss.

    1. It is always stupid that prevails. Thanks, Pilgrim.

      1. How right you are.

  14. Gwen Plano · ·

    After a looong day of travel and a glass or two of wine, I read your post. Couldn’t help but laugh. I don’t know the characters, but (sadly) I relate to them all right now. I think I particularly like Ben, as I feel like torching something… That’s what 12 hours of travel do to me….:) Oh what mischief a writer can do through his (or her) characters!

    1. Yes it’s true. I have a good nights sleep most of the time since I have characters work out my stuff for me. Thanks for the comment Gwen. Welcome Back.:-)

  15. I enjoyed this ‘hot’ post John. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you did. 🙂

  16. Poor Ben has them all against him but his John-fans are rooting for him! Almost as exciting as a scene from a John Cannon novel! Cheers!

    1. Tanks Jo. The folks seem to want him to succeed

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