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It is Wednesday Story Time again and this week’s story is brought to you by John Fioravanti and his terrific blog. where John has an inspirational message for us all.
Last week Ralph Worthe hung up on the hostage negotiator and the negotiator fearing for those inside the house asked for permission to storm the house. We better get back there to find out it the permission was granted or who else is going on.
“You know Ralph that negotiator is going to ask for authorization to storm this place.”
“Shut-up Lightfoot. I’m running this not you.”
“I’m just saying if you value your life and that of Alexis and Trudy you should get back on the line.”
“I’m showing them who’s boss Lightfoot.”
“Well, when those troopers come through that door, they aren’t going to respect the fact that you are the boss. There will be enough lead flying around this place to take us all out.”
“They’re not going to shoot one of their own.”
“Believe me, they won’t mean to kill anyone but you. That will be a moot point once the bullets start to fly. That twenty-two of yours won’t stop anyone. Look what happened when you shot me.”
“Maybe I need you to talk to them. How about you do that while I hold this twenty-two against your head. I guarantee that it will make a nice hole in your brain.”
“Daddy you have us all scared.”
“That’s right Ralph, Alexis and I can’t stop shaking.”
“You two make me sick. You talk big but when it is time to play in the big time you turn chicken.”
“Mr. Worthe. I think you ought to surrender.”
“You know Ben. When I want your whimp advice, I’ll ask for it. How about it Lightfoot. You game to play?”
“Sure, I’ll talk to them. What are your demands?”
“I want a helicopter on the front lawn to take us to the airport and then a  jet to the Cayman’s.”
“You know they come get you in the Cayman’s.”
“Duh. Let me worry about that part. Just tell em what I want.”
“Okay. Let’s hope we can get them on the line.”
“Their phone number is in “recent calls.” They called me remember?”
“I got it. Here goes.

“Hello, Commander this is agent Lightfoot.”
“My God, Lightfoot is that guy nuts or what?”
“I have you on speaker Commander.”
“Yeah Commander. I’m not nut, but getting furious.”
Wow, we will need to tune in again next week for another episode. In the meantime, visit John Fioravanti at


  1. A good installment, John. I’m fast losing confidence in everyone, even the troopers. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. This is called deconstruction of all things normal. I’m with you. 🙂

  2. And by the way, I “love” the t-shirt. I laughed out loud. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. I liked it too.:-D

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    I love starting the day with your blog! Surely, you must laugh as you write 🙂 … I share Lightfoot’s opinion of 22s; they can seem like child’s play.

    1. You sound like a Texan Gwen.:-D Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the reblog

  4. For some reason the link didn’t work for me.

    1. Sorry about that. it was broken but now fixed. Thanks GP

      1. Thank you for letting me know, I just made the trip back over.

      2. Real don’t know what happened. Thanks for letting me know.

      3. No problem. Computer glitches happen all the time.

  5. I’m waiting for a voice to say, “I’m the only one can sort this mess out. No-one knows more about the Worthes than I do. I respect the Worthes, I really do, they’re fine people. But if they all had guns, this wouldn’t have happened.”

  6. A helicopter and a jet? He’s not asking for much…

    1. Well, You know ……:-D Thanks, Jill

  7. Can a helicopter land on a lawn in the suburbs? I have this vision of there being trees in the way, but Ralph forgot about them. Not to mention power lines. This man is not a mastermind.

    1. I think he has watched too many TV shows. 😉

      1. Not any good ones from the look of things.

  8. It’s election season, John. I count three votes for surrender. That only leaves two for “continue being stupid” That, plus mine for “just shoot his dumb a**” but I’m not telling the story. I can actually see people getting locked into a plan like this. I don’t think it ever ends well for them, but I’ll wait – patiently – until next week to see if any triggers get pulled.

    1. How about a stun grenade? That might work.

      1. It might. It still leaves them able to come back, but…

      2. Okay. Let me work on it. 🙂

  9. The sloth race is one I may actually have a chance of finishing. 🙂 Love this installment. Mr. Worthe is truly a nut job. The rest of the cast isn’t far behind him. What will be the next move? It’s become like a chess game! Glad to see John F. showcased here too.

    1. thanks, Jan. Also I fixed the link. Thanks you for the heads up.

  10. Btw, the links to John’s page don’t work. I got there by searching.

    1. Thanks. Let me correct that.

  11. Mr. Worthe doesn’t ask for much, does he?? Sounds like a politician to me!! Perhaps he’s looking for a new career!

    1. He wants to be President. He may make it.

  12. Hmmm… I wonder what good ole Ralphie has in mind with the Caymans.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday. I’m celebrating being off Thursday and Friday! Woot!

    1. Wow this is like Super Friday. Good for you. Hugs

  13. Great story development, John. Thanks for the plug!

    1. My pleasure, John.

  14. You are John W. Howell, Creator of Worlds…
    And you are fantastic.

  15. The calvary is afraid. Ha ha ha ha ha. Worthe just might win this show. 😀 😛 So, he’s thinking of redirecting the helicopter? What’s he up to?

    1. Can’t tell you. It would spoil the story. I’ll give you a hint though. Worthe is very tricky.

      1. Some clue. Nobody’s figured that one out. 😀 😀 😀

  16. I wondered what would happen next. I still don’t see Ralph getting out of this without acquiring some lead tattoos, though.

    1. Ha ha ha. Lead tattoos. I love that. Thanks.

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