Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day

Hump day


It is Wednesday Story Day time again. This week’s episode is brought to you by an excellent blog written by Gwen Plano. Her blog is one where you can visit with the expectation of being inspired. Visit. You will be glad you did.
Last week we witnessed Ralph Worthe starting to come apart at the seams. He openly stated he was using his family as a shield. We need to go back and find out where he will lead us.
“Mr. Worth I think you are unraveling.”
“Lightfoot if you say that again I may have to pop you one.”
“That would leave one less hostage.”
“So who cares I have three more.”
“Ralph Worthe. You better get a grip here.”
“Trudy. I want you to sit down and shut up.”
“Daddy. You can’t talk to mother that way.”
“Alexis you need to be quiet.”
“I will not be quiet. You are making us very upset. Ben, why are you just sitting there?”
“Uh. Cause he has the gun.”
“That’s right sonny. I have the gun. Y’all better just get used to the idea that you can’t do much about what I need to do.”
“You are going to die, Ralph. You know that don’t you?”
“I’m going to tell you one more time to shut up.”
“Is that your phone ringing.”
“I’m not going to answer it.”
“What if they have met your demands?”
“Okay. hello?”
“Mr. Worthe. This is the commander.”
“Yes. what is it?”
“We are all set. The SUV’s are here, and the jet is waiting for you..”
“Okay. I’m coming out.”

Will Ralph make it to the jet? (or even out the front door)  Tune in next week to find out. In the meantime visit Gwen Plano at


  1. Gwen Plano · ·

    I’m sensing a conclusion or maybe a character thinning 🙂 Fingers crossed for Alexis; she is showing signs of wisdom.

    1. Conclusion coming. Thanks, Gwen

  2. That was quick. Wonder what the trick is. Ejector sears in the SUV?

    1. Ha ha ha. There is a guy out there just waiting to take a shot. 🙂

      1. To prove how exhausted I am, my mind went to alcohol and then a sudden fear that you were warning me about leaving the house.

      2. Ha ha ha. Sorry about that. 😀

  3. Is this keeping quiet the first sign of intelligence from Ben?

    1. It may not last. Thanks, Craig.

  4. Hilarious. Ralph coming apart at the seams is one of the funniest things to happen yet. He seems to have the IQ of a squash. I think Ben has the right idea. Of course, his IQ isn’t much higher. Funny stuff, John. This would be great as a Saturday Night Live skit. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks Suzanne. 🙂

  5. Ben is finally showing some good sense. I hope the marksman has good aim. Although, if there has to be collateral damage, might I suggest you keep it in the family?

    1. Yes I promise. Thanks, Dan.:-)

  6. “Lightfoot if you say that again I may have to pop you one.” POW!

      1. LOL! I hate the Batman theme in my head all day today, John.

  7. There’s nothing like a lot of people talking at once to disturb a person’s thought processes. I imagine old Ralph could be so distracted by the good news that anybody could snatch his gun, wrangle him to the floor, and hold him until he’s captured!

    1. Darn. Now I have to figure out a different ending. 😀

      1. Nah, if that’s where you were headed, go for it. I promise not to sue!!

  8. Isn’t it nice that we’re all helping you to write the ending to this tale, John! Good luck Ralph (Bunkie)!

    1. Ha ha ha. This is the best outcome. Everyone gets a shot at the story. Like you said in your res. I get to play God. 😀

  9. Oh wow. You have so many ways to go with this conclusion, John. I’m hiding in the shadows just watching it unfold. 🙂

    1. Keep your head down. There may be a lead storm coming. Thanks, Jan

  10. Worthe is leaving alone? Without a hostage? Without a shield. Hmm.
    I feel a conclusion as well. o_O The question is what kind? 😀 😀 😛

    1. No, he will take the hostages. Thanks Tess (nice try)

      1. Ha ha. Well, I AM paying attention… 😉

  11. I needed this today.
    Thanks, Gwen. (And John.)

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Hook.

  12. Ha! Love the opening joke-photo. That is indeed a horrible feeling. And since I wasn’t able to get back to the story yesterday, I’m more easily confused than usual. LOL
    Back to the point. Oh my… I feel a whiplash inducing twist on the way!
    I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday, and a thriving Thursday today. Mega hugs.

    1. Thank you, Teagan. I hope you have a Thumping Thursday as well. 😀

      1. Tee-hee. Good one. 😀

      2. Not talking watermelon either.:-)

  13. Uh-oh! It’s crunch time! 😀

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