Smorgasbord Christmas Party – Guest John W. Howell with A Christmas Story

Sally Cronin has a feature titled “Smorgasbord Christmas Party” and she has graciously allowed me to tell a story. Please check her posts from now until Christmas for more stories from other authors. Thanks, Sally

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I have been collecting guest posts and stories for the last few weeks and have brought them all together as part of the Smorgasbord Christmas Party. There will be humour, short stories, stories about family and friends, music, humour and some food of course. The posts are scheduled right up to Christmas, but if you would still like to promote your blog, books or other creative work there are some other opportunities to be found here.

For my first guest…. who better to kick the party off than author John. W. Howell whose short stories are edgy, humourous and always leave you wanting more. Here is a story that John has written especially for the Smorgasbord Christmas Party.

A Christmas Story

 by John W. Howell   ©2016 

Who’s there?”
“In the living room. I can hear you stomping around.”
“There’s no one here.”
“If there is no one there how come you are…

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  1. Terrific story John. Haha! I hope Frank had the milk & cookies somewhere, else the deal might be off… 😀 Mega hugs.

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    1. I don’t think Santa would renege with no cookies. Lack of belief is another matter entirely. 🙂 Thanks, Teagan.


  2. Santas come in many forms. Great story, John, one of your best. You make us see everything without descriptions other than dialogue.

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    1. Thank you, Jo. This is my intent so you make me happy saying I accomplished it. 🙂


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