Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day

Hump Day

It is Wednesday Story Time again. Last week we saw the sheriff one Mr. Gibson admonish Lucas not to begin painting the house until Alice Weston comes by with the Home Owner Association approval. The sheriff also let Lucas know that he lives near and will be keeping an eye on him. I guess we should get back to see what Lucas is doing while he is waiting.
“Oh hi, Lucas.”
“Mrs. Weston. How nice to see you.”
“I have your approval right here.”
“I appreciate all the effort it took to get that done Mrs. Weston.”
“Please call me Alice. Is Mrs. Murphy home?”
“No, she went to the store a little while ago. She should be back soon, though.”
“How soon do you think.”
“I’m not sure. By the way, Sheriff Gibson stopped by.”
“What did he want?”
“He told me not to begin painting until I got this authorization.”
“Just like Seth to butt his nose in where it doesn’t belong.”
“I think he thought he was helping you.”
“He would love to help me alright. Not sure I would want his kind of help, though.”
“I thought you were friends.”
“Friends Ha. That would be the day. I don’t need that kind of friend.”
“Did he arrest you or something?”
“Let’s just say a lady doesn’t talk ill of others and leave it at that. I could sure use a cold drink. It is hot today. Let’s go in and get some ice water.”
“Well, I don’t know. I’m not sure she left the house open.”
“Nobody locks doors around here. When did you say she would be back?”
“Well, she just left so I would say a couple of hours.”
“Oh, that will do nicely. Come on let’s go get some water.”
“I don’t think I’m allowed.”
“Nonsense. I’ll take responsibility. Come on in Lucas my man.”


  1. The whole situation is becoming suspicious. Mrs. Murphy never seems to be home when someone calls and I swear these ladies (?) are making a play for Lucas and I’m not sure it’s because they want jobs done.
    I think the Sheriff should be keeping a close eye.

    1. All right, David. I have you down as a supporter for the Sheriff. Thanks. 😀

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    That is a seriously funny photo…and the story builds. Great job, John.

    1. thanks, Gwen. I thought the photo was funny as well. 🙂

  3. There are some tell-tale signs that something is off here. Nicely done.

    1. Just a little off. Thanks, Charles.

  4. Lucas may find he likes ice water.

    1. Just could be. 😀

  5. I like how you’re giving us plenty of people to be wary of. John. I’m sticking with Lucas. I don’t buy his goody-paint-buddy act.

    1. Thanks, Dan. I think we are done with characters. Well that is except for Mrs. Murphy. Backing Lucas might be the right thing to do.

  6. I’m not sure if I’d drink that water.
    That photo! LOL!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Jill.

  7. Gee! I hope Lucas doesn’t go in there… Alice has more than water on her mind! Nice development, John!

    1. We’ll have to let Lucas do his own thing. He is a big boy. Thanks, John

  8. Love the Willie photo! Yes, it would appear that Lucas is up to his eyeballs in more than paint!

    1. Or he is just an innocent bystander. Ha ha ha.

  9. The picture is great. So Alice is after Lucas and Sheriff Gibson is after Alice. What a triangle. There seem to be raging hormones in that town. Either that or Lucas looks like a movie star. I wonder what’s in that house. Everything is looking suspicious. Good episode, John. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. Glad you liked it.

  10. Uh-oh. Methinks no good can come of Lucas going inside with her 😉

    1. I think I agree with you. 😀

  11. John, you’re expanding and layering the intrigue very nicely. Is Lucas the good guy after all? Is the sheriff the good guy or the even-worse-guy? Is Mrs Murphy really gone to the store, or gone in a more final sense? And the bad blood between Alice and the sheriff — Is she more than a frisky little cougar? These questions and more have us on the edge of our seats — and after only a few episodes! Thanks for the delightful Wednesday lunch break. Mega hugs.

    1. Thank you, Teagan. All these questions are excellent and the answers will come in due time. Thanks for sharing lunch. That cookie was fabulous. Hugs 😀

    1. Nails falling like rain.

  12. Ice water, huh? Methinks Mrs. Weston probably might know where the liquor cabinet is and doctor up Lucas’s drink. What’s the name of this fictional town again? Did you call it Cougarville?!

    1. I’ll have to think of a name. Until one comes along, Cougarville will have to do.

      1. You’re most welcome!!

  13. Here’s hoping that ‘sweet’ Alice doesn’t add ‘Kool-aid’ to the ice-water! Loving this, John!

    1. Ha ha ha. Super comment, Soooze. Thanks.

  14. Oh-oh. Something’s going on. Hanky-panky and maybe a disappearance–or not. Curious-er and curious-er. o_O 😀 😀

  15. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Yeah. A little water , some conversation. What could go wrong?

  16. To paraphrase Michael Corleone….keep your friends close and your enemies? Not so much . . .

    Hmmm. Call me a pessimist but I’m not feeling this cold drink. I think her taking’ responsibility is a one sided, private affair.

    Good stuff, as per usual, Boss.

    1. Thanks, Pilgrim. We will have to see for sure. 🙂

  17. Hum…I think Lucas should trust his instincts and not go inside. 🙂 There’s something afoot! Wondering where the story will go?

    1. Come back next week and we will see. 😀

  18. I wonder at her actions too. I’d worry about Kool-Aid in that water also.

    1. Lucas had better watch out for sure. If so I hope she uses grape flavor. I think he might be alert to purple colored water.

      1. Oh, I hope not!! Lol.

  19. Well, the story took an unexpected turn there. I thought sure Lucas was up to something before, but now it’s Mrs. Weston that seem suspicious. I’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

    1. That is all you can do at this point. The train has left the station. Thanks, Bun. 🙂

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