Five Ways to Contact Your Favorite Author – Guest Post by John W. Howell…

So honored to guest post on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog. I imagine It is like playing Carnegie Hall. A real honor. Thanks, Chris. A visit to Chris’ blog is a must for every serious writer. There is so much information there and an opportunity to let folks know what you think.

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Since I have been asked a number of times by readers how to contact authors, I thought it would be good to provide a little reminder information about what you can do if you enjoy a book or author’s work and you want to get to know that author better.

 We all have the times when a book or series of books talk to us as if the author wrote the text for us alone. I remember reading the short stories of John Cheever many years ago. It was almost as if John had entered my life and was telling tales about me as a person. As a result, I wanted to make contact with him but had no idea how. In those days, most authors used their publisher as a shield from their readers. You could pen a note and hope it somehow got through. I did compose…

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