Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – John W. Howell, Alyssa Drake and Sally Cronin

A special update on My GRL by Sally G. Cronin. Visit and read about Alyssa Drake and Sally as well. Thank you, Sally. Hugs

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author-update-jpgFirst a brand new look for John Howell’s first book in the John Cannon Series… fabulous new cover and a book that I definitely enjoyed and reviewed. If you are considering reading John’s books I suggest that you start with My GRL and get to know his hero.

John J. Cannon, a successful San Francisco lawyer, takes a leave of absence from the firm and buys a boat he names My GRL. John is unaware his boat has been targeted by a terrorist group to be used to destroy a symbol of America’s greatness. John’s first inkling of trouble is when he wakes up in the hospital and learns he was found unconscious next to the body of the young woman who sold him the boat in the first place. John now is the only one standing between the terrorists and the success of their mission.

And a review for…

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  1. Terrific to see more attention for My GRL! And Sally is fabulous. Mega hugs to you both.

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    1. Sally is Fabulous. Thank you, Teagan


  2. Great that Sally is helping spread the word about My GRL! And, have I mentioned that I LOVE the new cover?

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    1. Sally is terrific. Thank you for the cover compliment, Jan. 🙂


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