Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day

Hump Day


Well, it is Wednesday Story Day time again. Last week we had to witness the return of the Widow Murphy and find out she pretty much has some strong opinions about Alice. I think we got the opinion that the widow had designs of Lucas herself and was pretty much bad mouthing the competition. The widow offered Lucas some lunch and it looked like he was going to take her up on the offer. Oh and let’s not forget she asked Lucas to come in without his shirt. Oh, my. We need to go back to Antion Illinois to see what is up with all of that.
“Well, son I have Chicken salad for lunch. Go wash up and it will be ready when you get back.”
Yes, ma’am. Where is the bathroom?”
“Right down that hall to the right.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
“You can call me Harriet.”
“Yes, Miss Harriet.”
“That boy sure is well-mannered.”
“I’m back.”
“Goodness, you gave me a start. I was thinking what a well-mannered boy you are.”
“Thank you, ma— er Miss Harriet. My mom taught me respect.”
“I can see that. I can also see you have your shirt on.”
“Yes, Miss Harriet. My mom would never allow me to come to the table unless I was wearing a shirt.”
“Oh, she is some woman. Have a seat. Would you like some sweet ice tea?“
“Sounds good. This salad looks delicious.”
“I know young men would rather have beef, but I think you’ll find it tasty. There is plenty so if you want more just ask.”
“Thank you, Miss Harriet. It is very tasty. I may take you up on that offer.”
“Tell me, Lucas. You mentioned your mom. Is she from around here?”
“No. She lived in Wisconsin.”
“You say lived. She’s not there anymore?”
“N-no. She uh…”
“Oh dear. I think this old woman should mind her business. You don’t have to answer.”
“That’s okay. I just miss her, and it is hard to say that she has passed.”
“I’m so sorry for your loss. Has it been long?”
“She and dad were killed last year.’
“Killed? Oh, my. I am sorry.”
“They were murdered in their sleep.”
“How awful, my dear boy. Do they know who did it?”
“The police are really stupid. They think they know but haven’t done anything about it.”
“Oh my gosh. And now you live here in Antion. All by yourself?”
“Yes. I want to finish school, and it’s the only way. I couldn’t stay in Wisconsin. I work here in the summer and then go to the University in Champaign-Urbana. I’ve got an apartment there.”
“How do you manage?”
“My parents left me enough Miss Harriet.”
“I’ll stop asking questions now. I can see you are upset.”
“No. You are very kind. I’m not upset. I would like some more chicken salad if you don’t mind.”
Of c-course, Lucas. I’ll get it.”
“More tea too, please.”


  1. This time I’m saying nothing. Rather than jump the gun I’m waiting with bated breath.
    Hugs John

    1. Thanks, David. A week is a long time to keep holding. 😀

    1. Thank you for the reblog

  2. Uh-oh…..

    1. You are the master of the understatement GP. 😀

  3. Well, one mystery was cleared up but there seems to be another one now. I like your “hump day” picture. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. Yes these mysteries seem to keep popping up. 🙂 Thanks.

  4. Gwen Plano · ·

    One mystery leads to another, while the focus remains on Lucas and his shirt – off or on. Wednesdays are always intriguing – thanks, John. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gwen. Needed to squelch the cougar. 🙂

    1. Dee do dee do dee do. Thanks, Jill 🙂 BTW I put the meme in for you.

      1. I figured you did, John! Thanks! 🙂

  5. I, too, had better say nothing. I’d hate to ruin the surprise (or be shown to be wrong!)

    1. You have a good sense of plot, Keith. If you are right I will try to make sure you are wrong, so go ahead anytime. 😀

      1. On the other hand, I could try a bit of misdirection, suggesting something I don’t believe to be right. That way, what I actually thought to be the plot could turn out to be true and I’d win. But only I would know. Something of a hollow victory.

      2. Hollow indeed. 😀

  6. Curious twist. Although, now we do have bodies involved.

    1. Finally right? Thanks, Charles.

  7. Great timing for introducing another twist. Can wait for next week.

    1. I can as well. (I know I know) Thanks, Craig.

      1. Well crap! This is what happens about 5:00 in the morning.

  8. Lucas is one cool dude, and I don’t mean hip. More tea please…watch out Harriet. One way or the other, my namesake town’s sheriff is gonna get busy.

    1. Ha ha ha. You are a sly one Dan. 😀

  9. More and more mystery, John. Well done sir!

    1. Seems to be getting deep doesn’t it? 😀

      1. Indeed… Cougartown USA!😉

  10. Completely unexpected twist. My mind is already going in multiple directions conjuring ideas of where this is headed. Wednesday Story Day is always a highlight among my blog reading. I can’t wait until next week!

    1. Aw, Mae Clair. You have a way of making my day and you’ve done it again. thank you so much. 🙂

  11. Poor Lucas – I think. I’m suspicious of everyone.

    1. I think you should be for sure. 🙂

  12. John, thanks for another delightful lunch-break. Horsefeathers! The plot sure did thicken. You could stand a spoon in the middle of the pot and it would stay standing straight up. Curiouser and curiouser… Mega hugs!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thank you, Teagan. Enjoyed lunch with you. Hugs

  13. You couldn’t keep going could you?! What the…
    *sits pouts*

    1. Ha ha ha. Only have so much time. (well space)

  14. Chicken salad and tea… the cure for every ailment known to mankind.

    1. Sweet tea that is. 😀

  15. Damn … just when I thought it was safe to go back in the … kitchen! You did it again! Tricky little critter.

    1. I know right? Not safe at all.. Thanks, Soooz

  16. Well, that was unexpected. Lucas would have had an opportunity and a motive, of course. Hmm…

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