Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Hump Day


It is Wednesday Storytime again, and last week we left Mrs. Murphy and the Sheriff (Seth) talking about Lucas’ dead parents. It seems the sheriff did a background check on Lucas and there was no record. The sheriff did find out Lucas’ parents were killed. I think we need to go back and finish up the conversation.
“Killed in their sleep?”
“Well, maybe they weren’t asleep exactly. They were found in their bed.”
“Dear me. Do they know what happened?”
“Not much. It appears that they were both shot at short-range.”
“Shot? How horrible. Was Lucas there?”
“No, he was out of the house at the time. He was on a date or something, and when he came home, he found them.”
“Oh, the poor dear. He must have been devastated.”
“Not according to the investigating officer. He calmly called 911 and reported that his parents had been shot.”
“How calmly?”
“The tape recording of the call supposedly showed him to be very calm. Also, there was some delay from the time the shots were heard until he called.”
“What do you mean?”
“A neighbor called 911 with a report of shots fired but could not give the police an idea of where the sound came from. The cops searched the neighborhood and found nothing.”
“Is that possible?”
“Well, yes. If you can’t pinpoint the sound, you can’t very well go knocking on every door in town. Besides, sometimes people imagine hearing things. Anyway, the call came in at about eleven o’clock. Lucas did not call 911 until after two am.”
“Maybe he just got home?”
“He said he got there about midnight.”
“What do you think?”
“Hard to say. maybe he was so shocked he didn’t know what to do.”
“But you said he was calm.”
“Or maybe he had to straighten things up a bit.”
“Are you saying he might have killed his parents?”
“Not only me. The local police thought so too.”
“Good gracious. Why didn’t they arrest him?”
“Lack of evidence. You know it’s not against the law to delay a 911 call.”
“Sounds fishy.”
“The locals still have Lucas listed as a person of interest. You know I would be careful if I were you.”
“I feel so sorry for him. He seems a little lost.”
“More like deranged if you ask me. Well, I gotta be going. Lock your door, Mrs. Murphy.”
“I’ll be fine sheriff. Have a wonderful day.”


  1. Sounds highly suspicious to me. Lack of immediate evidence shouldn’t have stopped the police from taking him in for some serious questioning – unless, perhaps, he has an ally inside the force…

    1. Hey! That is a good idea. We will have to see.

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    I agree with Mrs. Murphy that it “sounds fishy,” but, then she’s empathetic. What’s with that? I guess I have to wait another week…or more….:) Good writing, John.

  3. Maybe I’ve watched too many csi shows to think it’s Lucas. They like taking the obvious one and running with it until the last 10 minutes. Then you get some random drifter or the first witness they questioned as the real killers.

    1. Or one of the police. I agree.

  4. How am I supposed to read your story when I’m cracking up at the meme? Very fishy, indeed!

    1. I figure if one doesn’t work there is always the other. 😀

  5. It does sound suspicious and I seem to remember victims in movies saying they’d be fine just before someone finishes them off. Scary. O_o I don’t think I’d have had the nerve to tell my boss anything like the man at the top does. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Ha ha ha, Suzanne. That meme is so funny because no one would say that either. Lot of thoughts though. Thanks. 😀

  6. Gee, good ol’ Lucas certainly has grown as a character – mild-mannered, shy handyman, to Don Juan, and now possibly the murderer of his own parents! Can’t wait for the next episode, John!

    1. Thanks, John. This thing is like painting a floor. Have to be careful about those corners. 😀

      1. Lol! I just had a vision of you painting yourself into a corner and scratching your head in bewilderment! That would make you a total Hoser, good sir! Something I’d do for sure!

  7. Maybe he was trying not to wake his folks. Maybe he was stashing the loot from a robbery he committed. Maybe he was doing the Lizzy Bordon clean-up routine in the spare bathroom. “Lock your doors” indeed. I think Lucas has a story, but I’m not sure it’s a bloody one…yet. You’ve set my mind wandering in circle, John – just like you do.

    1. I always think of you when writing these. “What will Dan think?” Ha ha ha. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Ha ha. Don’t let you mind head down that rat hole, John.

  8. A little more back story. And, Lucas is now sitting in a bad light having gone from innocent painter to murderer. 🙂

    1. As you know that may change.

  9. The more I learn about Lucas the more intriguing this twisted tale becomes. There are pitfalls, traps and looming questions around every corner. Great job keeping us guessing, John!

    1. Thanks, Mae. Part of my job. 😀

  10. Lucas seems the most likely murderer. It’s that calmness that bothers me. Shouldn’t he at least have pretended to be in shock? Or hysterical? More story please!!

  11. Fishy? I think Lucas’s story is a load of chum.

  12. Another layer of intrigue. I don’t know who to distrust, Lucas or the cop who could be lying. Nice work.

  13. You make Hump Day humongous, John.
    Thanks, man.

    1. Thank you, Hook.

  14. This poor woman may sleep with one eye open.

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