Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Smell.”



It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again and this week’s prompt is “smell.” If you would like to get involved visit Linda Hill’s blog and learn how. Be sure to wipe your feet though cause Linda just cleaned. Here is the link

Smell by John W. Howell © 2017

“Hey, you.”

“Yeah what”

“You smell that?”


“Whatta you mean what? Don’t tell me you can’t smell that stench”

“I don’t smell no stench.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“You from around here?”

“No. I just got into town.”

“Ah, figures.”

“Okay, I give. What figures?”

“Why you think the place smells.”

“Doesn’t it?”

“What’s the name of the town.”


“I rest my case.”

“You mean this town smells like its name?”

“I’m saying that there has been fishing here forever. and some of the smell hangs on.”

“How long till I won’t notice it anymore?”


“On what.”

“How old are you now?”


“You better move.”



  1. I’ve never liked going into the fishmongers I have to say….a whole town would be too much and I’m over fifty so I better not even stop…

    1. Yeah, keep on driving. Thanks, Michael.

  2. Wonderful – some things do take a lot of getting used to! 😀

    1. I would say. Thanks, Jan 🙂

  3. I would so keep driving. Fish stink is heinous to me.

    1. I agree. Keep driving g is good advice.

  4. I totally get this one, John. We have a paper mill in our town. It’s not nearly as bad these days, but when I first moved here, phew.

    1. We lived near an ethane plant once. Same phew. Thanks, Dan

  5. My mother won’t let my father cook fish in the house. I guess she’s never gotten used to it. Happy Saturday, John!

    1. I haven’t either. Happy Saturday to you, Jill. *Sung to the tune of “Girl Watcher” by the O’Kaysions

      1. Great song! I think that’s how “I’m a wheel watcher” came about for Wheel of Fortune. 🙂

      2. That could be.

  6. Gwen Plano · ·

    Clever dialogue, John. Dead fish definitely have a distinct stench – a place to avoid for sure! 🙂

    1. I would think so. Thanks, Gwen. 🙂

  7. Is there a Fishkill where you live? There’s one up here in New York about an hour north of the city.

    1. I’ve been there. 😀

      1. There’s also a town called Beaverkill as well!

    1. Thank you, Michael.

      1. Always with a great pleasure, and many thank for the useful information. Michael

      2. Yay. Your comment came through. 😀

      3. Thx for the response. Sorry, sometimes also our WP-Reader seems to filter postings by themself. 😉 Michael

      4. I understand. I’ll check spam more often.

  8. Perfect!! I grew up in Hobbs, New Mexico and the smell from the refinery that sat right in town was like rotten cabbage. I never got used to it. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. For me it was an Ethanol plant.

  9. Gee, I live only an hour from Hoserkill – sorry John, couldn’t resist! Great dialog once more, good sir!

  10. Know what’s worse? Paper mills…

  11. I could not live in a fishy town or with fishy people.:)

    1. Me either. Thanks, Micki.

  12. Fresh sea air I love the smell of, and there is some essence of fish to that, but Fishkill…no I’d be moving on.
    Last year I made my first trip to NYC and the first 5 days I was a bit uncomfortable with the smell. I complained about it. Almost the entire city smelled like rotting cabbage, with a slightly chemical smell to it. ICK!
    I didn’t smell it at the harbor, or in Harlem and that’s where I wished the whole city smelled.
    5 days in and the about the end of my trip I didn’t smell it as much.
    So, it would have taken a week to get desensitized to the smell there I think.

    1. Yes a week sounds about right. Thanks Deborah.

  13. Something fishy this way comes, haha!

    Well done good sir, well done.

  14. We have a pet food plant where I live – the smell doesn’t bother me at all, but non-pet people can’t stand it. Would rather have pet food smell than dead fish any day!

    1. I’m with you.

  15. That’s what folks say about beef and hog farms, too. My grandpa used to say…that’s the smell of money.

    1. Yes. The oil guys say the same.

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