OUR JUSTICE by John Howell – Review #RRBC

One of my favorite Authors, Jan Sikes has honored me with an excellent review. She is a person who knows how to write extremely good books. Go visit her and check them out. Thank you, Jan

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Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a ride!

In this third book of the John Canon series, Author John Howell has amped up the action. Matt Jacobs is determined to capture national hero, Attorney, John Canon, and force Canon to join with him in murdering the President and destroying America.

There are explosions, car chases, harrowing airplane trips and even F18 fighter jet rides in the race to evade capture and/or death at the hands of Jacobs. Canon manages to stay one step ahead and with Stephanie Savard at his side, finds not only an ally and but, perhaps even love. Sheriff Ned Tranes takes the brunt of attacks in his attempt to protect John and when he gets shot, is forced to sit on the sidelines for a while. But, not for long.

In this book, Howell takes us deep inside the mind…

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