Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Hump Day


It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we got an earful from the private eye who explained that for some reason Sheriff Gibson tampered with some evidence to keep Alice from being arrested for cocaine possession. The question was,”Why would he help his ex-wife get out of trouble. The PI said he had the answer so let’s get back to the conversation and find out the reason.

“How’s the coffee?”
“Swell boss. I believe you asked why Gibson would help his wife with a drug charge, right?”
“Yes, it just doesn’t make any sense.”
“It does if the ex-wife had something on the sheriff and threatened to blab unless he helped her.”
“Is that what happened?”
“As I was digging into the Weston woman’s past I came across a reference to Trish Severide.”
“What do you mean a reference?”
“As I mentioned Trish did some in a rehab facility.”
“It just so happened that the Weston woman worked in that facility as an administrator.”
“Odd coincidence wouldn’t you say?”
“Yeah, I think it is a little more than odd. I snooped around the facility but didn’t turn up a reason. I do know that when Trish was discharged Weston quit her job.”
“You think she was there to keep an eye on Trish?”
“Sounds that way to me. At this point, I also think maybe the sheriff was the one who told her to get a job there.”
“Why do you think that?”
“He was the one she used as a reference.”
“Now how do you find out information like that?”
“Let’s say if anything is written, scanned, and stored online I can look at it.”
“So you are making a connection between Alice Weston and the sheriff that caused the sheriff to squash a drug charge.”
“That is what I’m saying.”
“You have not proofed.”
“Wait until I talk to a few of the employees of the facility. I’m sure someone there has some information that will verify my theory.”
“I’m not sure it is going to be worth spending more money.”
“I think I can find out where Trish went and who killed the Saverides.”
“You just saying that to get the work?”
“No, I’m saying it because I think I can deliver.”
“Tell me you think my client did it.”
“I can clear your client. I’m almost sure of it.”


  1. Great! The moral of the story is perfect. Dear John, Christmas is on the way. I’d like to send you a card by post. If you don’t mind, inform me, please, where I could do it. 🙂

    1. How sweet. Thank you. I would love it if you would put my card and the postage cost into a church collection or the hands of a homeless one. I have already received the spirt of your greeting. Thank you so much, Marie.

      1. All right, dear John! I will follow your advice! 🙂

      2. It is the same advice for family and friends and works quite well. Thanks again, Marie. 😀

  2. Oh dear. Just when I thought I was getting to the bottom of it, too.

    1. You give me an incentive to twist it like licorice stick.

  3. Oooooh !!! This is getting good. You’re not setting us up, are you, John? You wouldn’t do that…would you? This could explain a lot. But then, how involved are these women??? Why is next Wednesday always a week away?

    1. Moi? Setting y’all up? Moooooohhhaaaahhhhaaaahhhahaa

      1. Trying to figure out what part of this process you enjoy more, John.

      2. Hmmmm. All of it?

  4. I should be a detective! Just kidding…I’m clueless. 😦 At least it’s Wednesday, right?

    1. Yes, for sure. Watch that downhill slide to Friday. 🙂

  5. Gwen Plano · ·

    Oh gosh, another week of wondering who dunnit? Halloween, All Saints, All Souls…this story fits in with the season. But, Thanksgiving fast approaches, so surely you’ll give us reason to be thankful, right? Fingers crossed… 🙂 Have a great day, John.

    1. Or it will be a big turkey. Thanks, Gwen. I promise a thankful conclusion.

  6. Just when I think the plot can’t get any thicker.

    1. Well, I think it could. Here let me add some filet powder.

  7. Well, doggone it, John. You left us with another cliffhanger. Things are speeding up a bit now. Good installment. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Be careful on the cliff. I would grab the tree and not the grass clump.

  8. More brilliant twists from a truly twisted mind! LOL! Kidding, John. I’m in awe!

  9. Oh my goodness, the sheriff is going down!! 🙂 But, who all will he take with him? That’s the million dollar question. Great segment, John.

    1. Yes it is Jan. Don’t be too quick to count ole Gibson down and out though.

  10. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    I do love a good odd coincidence! Looking forward to next Wednesday!

    1. Yes and I can think up the oddest Thanks, DL

  11. John, once again you have Chubby Checker singing in my head. Come on baby — let’s do the twist!
    “I can clear your client. I’m almost sure of it.” is not something I expected to hear. Thanks for a wonderful Wednesday lunch break! Hugs.

    1. Make my day if it helps yours, Teagan. Hugs

  12. Love Dory and that meme! And your story today is fantastic! I just never can anticipate where you’re going — that’s okay. I’ll hang on and enjoy the ride!

    1. Sit back. Relax. Here have a margarita. Watch the scenery go by. Wait, who’s driving?

  13. Hoboy! Things are getting intense and the plot threads are overlapping in a delicious way. I can’t wait for the next installment!

    1. Thank you, Mae. 😀 Welcome back.

  14. Staying tuned in for next week’s installment! You’re the master at the cliffhanger!

    1. Thank you, Deborah. 😀

  15. I love this, John. I hadn’t suspected the twist with the sheriff’s ex wife. Gooood!

    1. More twists ahead. Hang on.

      1. Oooo! Can’t wait. 😀

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