Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Hump Day


It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we were treated to seeing Alice almost fall over herself when she learned from Frank Plano the private detective (got it right this week) that Lucas had a five million dollar insurance payment. She got on the phone with Harriet and promised to get back to her. I see she is going back to the living room where Frank waits.
“I’m sorry the coffee took so long, I had to make fresh. Here you are.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Weston.”
“Do you take anything in your coffee?”
“No, I like it just like this. It’s delicious I might add.”
“Why, thank you. It’s a blend I have made up special.”
“I would love to know the recipe.”
“Ah, my little secret, Mr. Plano. You’ll just have to keep coming back for more.”
“Ahem. Well yes, thank you. Now, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”
“Questions? I thought we were going to discuss Lucas.”
“In due time, Mrs. Weston. First, I wonder if you have any reaction to the information I uncovered that you and Mrs. Murphy used to travel regularly to Kenosha to meet with the Severides.”
“Where did you get that information?”
“My sources are confidential, Mrs. Weston.”
“Well, then my reaction will remain confidential, Mr. Plano.”
“I see. Okay, let me go in a different direction.”
“I’m not sure I like this line of questioning, Mr. Plano. What gives you the right to come to my house and ask me questions?”
“I have no right what so ever, Mrs. Weston. I am conducting an investigation that will form the basis for a report to my client. I would like to have your side of the story included, but since you don’t seem to want your side told, I’ll just present the information that I have.”
“Okay. Yes, Harriet and I used to visit the Severides. So what?”
“You were seen at their house the night they were killed.”
“Now you are fishing, Mr. Plano. No one saw us at their house.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, because we were never there that night.”
“You were in Kenosha that night though, right?”
“I don’t think that is any of your business.”
“Fine, I’ll just use the sworn statement of the person who saw you.”
“For heaven’s sake. So we were in Kenosha that night. What does that prove?”
“You tell me, Mrs. Weston. You seem pretty defensive to me.”
“Are you finished with your coffee?”
“Yes, and it was divine.”
“Then I’m going to ask you to leave.”
“I sure wish I had your side of the story before I go.”
“There is no story Mr. Plano. Good day to you.”
“Good day, Mrs. Weston. If you change your mind give me a call. Here’s my card.”
“You can keep it, Mr. Plano. As I said, there is no story. I’m going to shut the door now. mind your toes.”


  1. Gwen Plano · ·

    Now I’m hooked. The pace has quickened and the mystery has deepened. The only bummer is readers have to wait another week. BTW, I love the line, “mind your toes.” Great image. 😀

    1. Thanks, Gwen. I’m not sure who has the reins here but we need to ride this wagon to the end. 😀

  2. Stranger and stranger, so Alice and Harriet knew and visited the Severides and yet Lucas appeared not to know them when he came to town………..and yet he came to town where they are. They did not know of his insurance payment and have yet reacted in quite a big way towards the news. And the same for his sister. You have us following so many clues and I bet most are red herrings.

    1. I live by the sea don’t forget. Thanks, David.

      1. Ha, you have my measure yet again John.

      2. Under the glass. Hugs back.

  3. I don’t think I like that Mr Plano. What kind of man barges into the homes of defenceless elderly ladies with his insinuations and accusations and unreasonable demands.
    Perhaps last week’s typo was inadvertently accurate.

    1. You go, Keith. 😀

  4. Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? I half expected this guy to fall over dead from the tea.

    The beauty of asking questions to which you already know the answer. I’m no closer to understanding where this is going, but I approach each episode with my seatbelt snug. It’s getting interesting, John.

    1. I think doing Frank in would be too easy. We need to ride this pony a little longer.

      1. Of course we do, John…

        Lucas did it. Harriet did it. The sheriff did it. John did it and he’s trying to setup his characters. Anything is possible at this point.

      2. I think Lucy did it. 😀

  5. Hum…this is becoming more mysterious. I don’t think anyone has ever told me to “mind my toes.” Lol 😆

    1. I guess you never had your foot in someone else’s door. Thanks, Jill

  6. I don’t think he suspects a thing. She’s being so subtle and helpful to her cause. 😛

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks Charles.

  7. Oh Alice, you’d better realize that Frank is one up on you. Great chapter, John. I love the suspense.

    1. Thank you, Jennie. 😀

      1. You’re welcome, John. 🙂

  8. Deception by the boatload here today. Nice work.

  9. So many unanswered questions now, John. And, I’m not 100% convinced that Frank Plano is on the up-and-up either. I see many twists and turns ahead. Great segment. Suspense builds.

  10. Very nice development, John. I loved her line, “Then my reaction will remain confidential.” Nicely put.

  11. Gee, Alice’s hospitality sure went south fast, didn’t it? Guess Frank got a bit too close to the truth. You know it’s hard waiting another week for the continuation of this story, don’t you, John?!!

    1. I’m sorry Debbie. I could go to two episodes a week but then it would be over twice as fast. 😀

      1. No, don’t do that!! This one is good, so I’m able to wait. And you do a fine job bringing us up to speed with a brief recap every week, too.

  12. Whoa. The detective was given a swift goodbye. This is really heating up. I’m sure we’ll all be waiting to see what happens in the next episode, John. I love the doggie at the top. He really knows how to relax. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Ha ha ha. He is taking a breather until Friday.

  13. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Doesnt sound like he is going to get that coffee receipe anytime soon but at least he survived it:) More intrigue!

    1. Yes, he lives to ask another question

  14. Haha… John, sometimes the exchanges between you and Dan are almost as good as the story. I feel the need to defend Lucy. 😀 I can imagine the expression on her face. Maybe you should give her an extra treat to apologize.
    I try not to guess (because where’s the fun in that), but you suddenly made me think of a new possibility about Harriet or maybe even Alice…
    This is a great episode, because there is even more happening than the words on the page. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs.

    1. Thank you, Teagan. I would keep your focus on those two for sure. 😀

  15. Just keeps getting more mysterious, John.

  16. I would say the plot thickens, but I think you left thickens in the dust weeks ago. And now we have an entire week to wait for the next installment. Drat!

    1. I know. Of course from my point of view I have an entire week to keep the story on simmer.

  17. Oh! I have to go catch this from the beginning, it’s very intriguing!

    1. Naw. You can stay right there. The best parts are coming.

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