Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Hump Day in Texas


It is Wednesday Day again. Last week we witnessed Frank Plano asking some questions of Alice Weston. When he got to the point of asking Alice about being in Kenosha the same day Lucas’ parents were murdered, Alice pretty much showed him the door. I see Alice is approaching Harriet Murphy’s house, so I guess she is in some kind of hurry to relate the conversation with Frank. Let’s go and maybe learn something about that night in Kenosha.

“Open the damn door, Harriet. Since when do you lock it?”
“Since we have that private eye snooping around. There come on in.”
“For heaven’s sake. That’s all I need. To have that Frank character see me hustling over to see you right after I threw him out of my house.”
“Then why are you here? You could have called.”
“I don’t trust the phones anymore. He may have mine bugged.”
“Oh come on, Alice. Aren’t you overreacting?”
“How about if I told you he knows we were in Kenosha the night the Severides were murdered?”
“Okay. That is a little concerning.”
“You bet it is. Also, he knows that we used to visit the Severides.”
“No way. How could he find that out?”
“Beats me. This guy may have a crystal ball for all I know. I’m telling you we are in deep yogurt.”
“Come on. Alice. Get a grip. So we visited the Severides? So what?”
“And we saw them right before they were killed. You think that is just a piece of idle gossip that is going to go away if Frank finds that out.”
“Did he say he knew?”
“No, he just said he knows we were in town.”
“Okay then. We were in town. We had shopping to do or something. No harm no foul.”
“You gotta keep these basketball sayings to yourself. If he knows we were in Kenosha, how long do you think it will take to track us to the Severides?”
“Unlike you, I don’t think that’s possible. Hell, we were discreet as always.”
“How did he know we had visited them before?”
“Hmm. I see what you’re saying. You want some tea?”
“Tea is not the answer, Harriet. We need to do something.”
“Let me think. Do you think Frank has made this report yet?”
“How would I know?”
“Why don’t you call him and tell him you’ve been thinking and maybe you need to talk again.”
“Yeah, then what?”
“You’ll ask him if he’s filed his report.”
“If he has?”
“We’ll have to ride it out.”
“If he has not?”
“We might need to think of a way to silence him. Here give him a call.”


  1. Golly, these two are real plotters, aren’t they? I have no inkling where this is going.

    1. Excellent. I like a confused readership. When the curtain goes up you will like it (I think)

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    Well, my goodness, we’re now in the heart of a real mystery. Who knew two hags could have such interesting and potentially devious lives? A week is too long to wait. 😀 (P.S. I love the Texas camel.)

    1. Ha ha ha. I liked the Texas camel too. Yes, these ladies are a little shady. Don’t forget Alice was arrested for drug possession which Seth got swept under the rug. 😀

  3. I’m wondering about these women. They sound dangerous now. Frank better be careful. Good episode, John. I like the competitive bull up top. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. Those Bramas can be grumpy for sure.

  4. I’m with Keith…what the heck is going to happen…I’m clueless. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Well, I would suggest keeping your seat with your arms and legs inside the vehicle. 😀

  5. And here I thought the Sheriff was the worst of the bunch. Now, I’m wondering if Lucas was up to something too.

    1. I think he was. I’m not sure we have an innocent one in the bunch.

  6. Arsenic and Old Lace ? What’s up here. I’m not sure who not to like anymore. I don’t trust Lucas. I don’t trust the sheriff. I don’t trust these two hens. I certainly don’t trust John Howell (no offense, John, but,,,). The people of Antionville are certainly giving the place a bad name 😦

    1. Ha ha ha. I take your lack of trust as a compliment. In the end you will come full circle.

      1. I figured you’d appreciate that 😏

  7. Oh heck, another deafening silence with threat hanging in the air. Our two little old ladies can’t be murderers……..can they?

    1. I don’t know. Can they? Seems anybody can.

  8. There is no doubt those two old crones are up to their necks in something foul. Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out what and how it affects Lucas and how the heck he wound up at Harriet’s house, to begin with. Good storytelling, John!

    1. Yes. A big question. Thanks, Jan

  9. I got an Arsenic and Old Lace vibe too. Can’t wait to read the next installment.

  10. “No harm no foul.” Love that one, John. These two are definitely up to no good. And I shudder to think how long their little scheme has lasted. This story is like a roller coaster, and all I can do is hang on!

    1. Make sure that seatbelt is cinched too. Thanks, Debbie.

  11. Oh, oh… Frank better watch himself! Gwen, do something! 😉

  12. This might have been the only thing I did see coming in this story!

    1. Ah Ha. I have to work harder.

  13. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Silence him? Now that doesn’t sound good. I still wouldn’t want to drink a cup of their tea:) Sounds like there might be a lot of guilt to go around.

    1. More guilt than characters unfortunately. Thanks, DL

  14. I feel the tension heightening with all these plots and counter plots. This can’t be good for Frank.If he’s not careful he’ll end up like Mr. Body in Clue!

    1. He’s pretty smart though.

  15. John, that meme is hysterical — a hard act to follow. But you were more than up to the task. LOL, re “in deep yogurt.” This episode takes the prize for most ominous ending. 😀 Well done. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs.

    1. Thank you and thanks for joining me for lunch. HUGS

  16. A way to silence him? Oh, this is juicy!

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