Tuesday – Anything Possible – Kreative Kue #155 by Keith Channing

In Keith’s words. “Using this photo (below) as inspiration, write a short story, flash fiction, scene, poem; anything, really; even just a caption for the photograph. Either put it (or a link to it) in a comment or email it to me at keith@channing.info before 6pm next Sunday (if you aren’t sure what the time is where I live, this link will tell you). If you post it on your own blog or site, a link to this page would be appreciated, but please do also mention it in a comment here – pingbacks don’t often work.

Go on. You know you want to. Let your creativity and imagination soar. I shall display the entries, with links to your own blog or web site, next Monday.”

The Photo.

Kreative Kue #155

The House by John W, Howell ©  2018

“Where did you put the key?”

“Under the mat as usual.”

“Under the mat. Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course, I’m sure. We always put the key under the mat.”

“I know I know. Well, the key is missing.”

“No kidding Sherlock. Look closer, and you’ll see the house is missing.”

“Okay, now I think we have a problem.”

“What gave you a hint?”

“There is nothing in our slip but a seagull.”

“Which tells you what, Inspector Clouseau?”

“Someone has run off with our houseboat.”

“Bingo. I think you’ve got it.”

“What do we do now?”

“I think we need to call the police.”

“What are they going to do. Our house could be in Singapore by now.”

“Come on. How many houses do you think are floating down this canal. It shouldn’t be too tough to find it.”

“I suppose you are right. After all, there aren’t a lot of houses with a red and blue paint scheme.”

“Now, you can thank me for the color choice.”

“I suppose. And you can thank me for leaving the bathtub drain unplugged.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I think I see the tip of our roof.”


“Just below the surface of our slip. see it?”

“You idiot. How many times have I told you to make sure to close the drain?”

“Well, at least no one stole our house.”

“Thank you for small miracles.”

“Oh, and I found the key in my other pocket.”

“Twice Blessed.”



  1. Good one John. But, having once put a sailboat in the water with the drain plug out, this hits a little too close to home.

    1. OH. That doesn’t sound like fun, Dan. 😀

  2. Time to get a bucket.

    1. I think so. Maybe a pump as well

  3. The perils of living on the water. Good thing the weather is clear!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Debbie.

  4. I think the new year has only enhanced your sense of humor, John! I chuckled out loud at this one.

    1. Out loud is good, Jan. Thank you. 😀

  5. Lol! Good one, John! I hope they’re not floating towards Charlotte, they might hit an iceberg.⛄️⛄️⛄️

    1. Ha ha ha. It is cold isn’t it?

  6. Loved the ending. You always entertain and make me grin with these, John. This one is now one of my favorites!

    1. Thank you, Mae. I love your visits. 😀

  7. Gwen Plano · ·

    Too funny, John. Your wild imagination keeps readers laughing throughout the day. Thank you for morning craziness. 😂

  8. I also have some experience with boat plugs. Turns out if you drive really fast the water flows back out. While moving you can put the plug in if you’re talented.

    1. And you have a hand on board to steer the boat.

      1. Um, sure, let’s say that happened.

      2. Ha ha ha. Okay I get the picture. Full throttle, steer with foot. Reach way back and get the plug in. Nice job.

      3. Aim toward open water.

  9. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    At least they found their key:) Great way to start the morning with a chuckle.

    1. Ha ha ha. Yes they did find the key. Thanks DL.

  10. “Hey Ma, I think the neighbors are paddling over for a visit!”

    1. Ha ha ha. I like it.

      1. Glad to hear that – it was all I had! haha

      2. I’m sure there is more. 😀

  11. I always fear something to this effect. Tis why I said no to houseboat living numerous times. Giggle

    1. Don’t blame you. I rented a house boat for a vacation and ended up on shore. (with the boat)

  12. This sounds like a conversation my wife and I would engage in, John.
    Masterfully done.

    1. Maybe I pulled it from one of mine at home too. Thanks, Hook.

  13. Thanks, John. Nothing from me this week as Wi-Fi was sketchy and I was having far too much fun anyway!

    1. I hope you have something for Tuesday in the form of a picture.

      1. Of course, John. Trying to get back into the swing again. BTW. Knight & Deigh is finished. Next week we start on “A Bump in the Knight”

      2. Bring it on. Thanks, Keith. Hope your trip to India was nice.

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