Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day – Conclusion

It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we attended a gathering of the characters in this novella. It was there we watched Frank circle the room with his comments until he made a strange statement in which he used the phrase, “soldier of the Lord.” We need to get back because Frank is continuing his discussion.

“So Henry. What does Soldier of the Lord mean to you?”

“To me? Why absolutely nothing.”

“Oh, come on Henry. You are a devout believer aren’t you?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Don’t you just hate sin?”

“Sin is the devil’s work if that’s what you mean.”

“What I really mean is don’t you just hate people who do nasty things like selling illegal drugs?”

“It’s against the law if that’s what you are saying.”

“Isn’t it a fact that you hated the Severides.”

“They were scum.”

“And you have been spreading all kinds of lies to take the spotlight off the fact that you were involved in a plot to have them killed as a form of revenge?”

“You have no proof.”

“Would you like to know what is in this envelope?”

“What do I care?”

“It is a copy of your bank statement showing the deposit of sixty thousand dollars in your savings account.”

“That is private. You have no right to invade my privacy.”

“Maybe so, but the fact that I did will be overshadowed by authorities issuing a subpoena for all your finances. Seems like you have been running an interesting little business in the drug trade. Sheriff do your duty.”

“Not so fast, Sheriff. You know full well that if I go down, you are going with me. So far this private dick has nothing. You need to make sure it stays that way.”

“All I ever did with you Henry is to buy a couple of ounces of Cocaine. That doesn’t stop me from doing my duty. I’ll take the hit on that. Right now you are under arrest for the murder of the Severides.”

“How about you Mr. Big lawyer McDonnell. You going to stand there and let them do this?”

“Shut up Henry. As your lawyer, I’m advising you to be quiet.”

“Yeah and take the fall for you? You wanted all that insurance money and talked the Severides into making you executor of their estate. You figured by getting the Severides out-of-the-way you would have a clear shot at the money. Well, the laugh is on you. Old man Severide hid all the cash and the big policy. No one knows where it is now.”

“Henry. You are upset, and your lies are not helping you. Please be quiet.”

“Then you got chummy with Trish thinking that she might know something. You better watch your neck, Trish. This man is evil.”

“Henry you willing to swear all this is true?”

“You bet, Sheriff. Can we talk deal? ”

“Jason McDonnell you are also under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.”

“Sheriff you are making a big mistake. My only involvement here is trying to clear Lucas.”

“Makes me wonder, Jason, why you did such a good job given Frank’s expertise.”

“Because I’m an innocent man, Sheriff. Tell ’em, Frank.”

“Sheriff I have other evidence to the effect that Jason was not only responsible for the Severide murders but is the kingpin of one of the largest illegal drug operations in the US. He didn’t kill the Severides for money like Henry suggested. He did it for the pure pleasure of eliminating competition.”

“Bold words Frank. You’ll be truly sorry for your part in this miscarriage of justice.”

“See you in hell, Jason. I would cuff these two Sheriff and call the State police. I have a lot of information for them.”

“Thanks, Frank. Alright, you two. Let’s go.”

“I’m shocked.”

“I know Mrs. Murphy. It is shocking.”

“What happens to me?”

“Well Trish, I think you better find a new boyfriend.”

“Seth bought that cocaine for me. He is innocent.”

“I’m sure he will be cleared, Alice. Don’t worry. He’s a good man.”

“Did I miss anything?”

“No Lucas, you’re innocent. I can also tell you where your father buried all that  money and the policy.”

“Can you donate it to charity? Seems like it’s dirty.”

“It’s going to be tough  eliminating Jason as executor, but I think it can be done given his involvement in their deaths.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Plano.”

“Just doing my job, Lucas. Just doing my job.”

That concluded this novella. Tune in next week for a new story.


  1. What a tangled web. Nice conclusion, John. A lot of guilt to go around.

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    1. As in real life I’m afraid.

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  2. Fantastic conclusion to a brilliant story. Wish I could say I guessed all along who done it..

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    1. Seems the lawyer is always a good suspect, David. Hugs


  3. Wow. Didn’t realize the ending was coming up so soon. Great twist finale.

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    1. Yeah a couple of years will sneak up on you. Thanks, Charles.


      1. Wait. This has been years? That really did sneak up on me.

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      2. Ha haha. Thanks, Charles.


  4. Gwen Plano · ·

    My goodness, that was a showdown worth waiting for! Great story, John. Have a fantastic day. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Gwen. 😀


  5. Fantastic story, John! What an ending…well done! Happy Wednesday!

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    1. Thank you, Jill. Glad you liked it.

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  6. A fabulous story, John – you kept us all guessing with the weekly twists and surprises. Looking forward to starting a new one!

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    1. Thanks, Teri. 🙂


  7. John,

    You did a masterful job of keeping this under wraps, and I love it. Henry, yes. And he’s going to be dealing up faster than a poker player now, lol. I didn’t suspect McDonnell, but I WANTED him to be guilty of something . . if only because he’s yanno . . a lawyer. And it turns out he was coordinating the whole shebang. So many peeps with their hands in the Severides cookie jar.

    What a way to wrap it up!

    PS- I’m gonna miss reading this story. Can’t wait for the next one.

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    1. Me too. Gotta start thinking. 😀

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      1. You got this Boss!

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      2. Yanno . . when we get to Monday all Imma be thinking is . . come on Wednesday! 🙂

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      3. Ha haha. Thanks.

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  8. When I saw the word “Conclusion” in the post topic, I got giddy. Then I sat down with my virtual popcorn and a cup of (real) coffee and enjoyed the BIG REVEAL! Well done, Sir, well done.You kept your readers in suspense right up until the end. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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    1. Thank you, Mae. I could have gone on for a couple more episodes but could hear the milling crowd below my garret.

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      1. Heeeheee 🙂

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  9. Most enjoyable, good John! From my seat, this is the ‘Weekly Serial of the year! Great job! ♥

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    1. Thank you, Billy Ray. I thought that was Captain Crunch.


  10. Good ending, John. You wrapped up the story perfectly by tying up all loose ends. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    1. Thank you, Suzanne. 😀


  11. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    I was so excited to see it was the conclusion:) Wonderful twist to end a great mystery. I got it half right with my guess. Thanks for the fun! Can’t wait yo see what you have in store for us next John.

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    1. Thank you, Denise. It’s readers like you who make this stuff so much fun. 😀

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  12. Thank you for such a fun story. you know I’ll be in attendance next week.

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    1. I would love to do a paranormal but not sure I have the chops. Will ne thinking all week.

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      1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I say go for it.

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      2. Thanks, Craig.


  13. What a tangled web you untangled for us, John. And, you threw in another twist I didn’t see coming with Jason McDonnell. Wow!! Great story, John! Well-done!

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    1. Thank you, Jan. 😀


  14. Whew, the roller coaster ride has ended. Satisfaction abounds all around. Thanks for a wonderful twisty tale, John, and I’m looking forward to next week’s new puzzle!

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    1. Yes. Time to relax and catch your breath. Oh look another hill. 😀

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  15. So everybody did do it! I love it, John. Great story, wonderful conclusion. My only problem is that I wasn’t able to read it at my normal story-hour.

    I’m already looking forward to next week and the star of another ride.

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    1. Thank you, Dan

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  16. Great conclusion, John. Colombo would have been proud.

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  17. Sorry I’m late! I had a busy Wednesday, including diatribes from Orcs who thought the sky was falling in Mordor.
    Love that you made several guilty parties here, John. And Henry the pharmacist in the middle of it all. You’re as good as Columbo at tying up loose ends. 😀
    I can’t wait to see what you do next, John. Hugs!

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    1. Thank you so much, Teagan. I value your opinion since you are such a fine writer. 😀

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