The Contract by John W. Howell and Gwen Plano

Gwen and I are with Phil Taylor today. In addition to being in the running for the sexiest man alive and the funniest blogger on the planet, Phil is a talented writer. He is also very supportive of authors and does regular interviews of the rich and famous and the not so rich and famous. A visit to his blog will give you a taste of why Phil is someone to follow. Thank you for your support today, Phil.

The Phil Factor

The CONTRACT between heaven and earth

By John W. Howell & Gwen M. Plano

Thank you, Phil, for inviting us to join you today. We are so excited to be featured on your blog:  The Phil Factor, where sarcasm gets drunk and let’s its hair down. We promise to be on our best behavior and not take any silverware.

Available on Kindle and Paperback

Kindle priced at $0.99 for the introduction.

The CONTRACT is a different story for writers John W. Howell and Gwen M. Plano. For either of them, it is their first attempt at co-authorship. After a year of Hurricane Harvey and other challenges, they have created, what they have termed, an inspirational thriller that bridges heaven and earth.

Here is the blurb:

The earth is threatened with a catastrophic political event which could result in international warfare and destroy all life on the planet. In heaven…

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  1. Fantastic, John. I love Phil’s blog.

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  2. Quite an honor there, John. I hope book sales are going well.

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    1. #1 new release and # 1 Best seller (For two days)


      1. That is fabulous!

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      2. I only lasts a minute though.


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