Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day


“Hey, Lucy. Is it Friday yet?”
“Hurrumpf. Wednesday.”
“Well. at least it’s not Monday.”
“Thank heavens for small favors.”


It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we got a line on a brand-new suspect in the murder of Rafferty. No, it is not a lawyer. It is a banker. Although most of us would like to know who killed Sandusky, it is good to hear we may get to the bottom of the Rafferty incident. As a side note, Craig Boyack mentioned last week that this series had no title. I did ask him if he had an idea and being the talented author that he is he proffered, “Professor Rafferty and the Mysterious Heart Evaporating Whatchamacallit.” I thought his offering to be perfect with one change. Instead of Rafferty, the dead guy we would substitute Andrew the live former ME in the title. Craig agreed, and so we have, Professor Andrew and the Mysterious Heart Evaporating Whatchamacallit.” Let’s get back to Larry’s office since he was going to check the phone records of Mrs. Rafferty and Ned Dixon to see if they had contact with each other.


“So the phone company said it would be a couple of days until we get the records.”

“That’s crap. Larry. We should have access to them online.”

“Yeah, I had to Bogart my way into the supervisor level. I pulled the obstruction of justice card.”

“Good one. Did it work?”

“Yessir. We have the online access codes, but I had to electronically sign that the scope of the investigation only covered Janice and Ned.”

“Seems fair. Nothing like pushing your nose into where it doesn’t belong.”

“If we were the Feds that wouldn’t be necessary.”

“Well we are not, and in today’s climate I’m grateful for that.”

“Do I detect some political leanings, Andrew?”

“No. Just can’t stand the baseness of the level of social dialog that is represented by Washington is all.”

“Okay. Here we are. I have Janice’s call records for the last six months. Let me do a search with Ned’s phone number to see if there are any matches.”

“That is a slick program.”

“What? I just took Janice’s cell records and exported them to Excel and am now doing a search.”

“Clever guy you are Larry.”

“Shit. Er, excuse me. There are no matches.”

“That is damn typical. Could we have an easy time with anything? Hell no.”

“Let me go the other way with Ned’s records.”

“Worth a try. What number are you using for Ned?”

“His office number.”

“Come on Larry no one in their right mind would call from the office. We need his cell number.”

“I have that right here.”

“Go back to Janice’s records and search incoming by Ned’s cell number.”

“Gotcha, Andrew. You are like a professor you know that?”


“Well lookie here. Two hits.”

“Let me see. Humm the first the night before Rafferty hit the tree.”

“The second two days after. Look at this Andrew. The calls were less than thirty seconds both times.”

“Looks like not much talk. Maybe just confirming events.”

“Let’s do a run on Ned’s number and see if Janice made any more calls to him.”

“Could be interesting.”

“Well, there are no matches.”

“Just tells me that maybe they had a meeting or two and didn’t do much on the phone. We do know they made contact with each other by these calls and that is one thing. We are going to need some advanced sleuthing to determine if they met.”

“Don’t you think they will meet again?”

“I’ll bet they will wait until things cool down.”

“Just a hunch but don’t you think they would do any meeting out-of-town?”

“Good point. Gives us an opportunity to check airline reservations.”

“Man, this will be like finding a leopard in a Jason Pollock painting.”

“You amaze me, Larry. The fact you even know what a Jason Pollock is blows me away.”

“I lived with Gloria. She taught me a lot.”

“You search. I’ll get us some coffee.”

“Make mine a Latte.”

“Ha ha ha. You got it.”


  1. I agree. They really can’t catch a break in this case.

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    1. 😀 Police work can be a mountain of frustration.


      1. Thank God for donuts.

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  2. I think it’s time these guys made up their minds who was guilty and produced some evidence to support their theories.
    And by produce I mean, of course, fabricate 😉

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  3. These guys are losing their focus!

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    1. You tell ’em, Jill. 😀

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  4. I don’t know why, but I’m getting my hopes up, John. I think those two phone calls are a glimmer of optimism, and in this story, I’m just thankful we didn’t add a name to the potential suspect list…unless you’re suggesting Jason Pollock was involved 😉

    Speaking of optimism, it’s good to see Twiggy spinning Wednesday in the right direction. It’s not Monday.

    Congrats on selecting a title.

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    1. Thanks, Dan. These guys are wanting to get the rafferty case solved but we still have Sandusky hanging out there. Not sure the two are connected. We shall see. 😀

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      1. As long as there are no more dead people and no more suspects, I’ll be fine.

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      2. I think we know all the suspects…..well……

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  5. Gwen Plano · ·

    I’m hoping coffee brings clarity. Loved the mention of Jason Pollock… lots of great surprises. 👍 😊

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    1. Thank you, Gwen. 😀


  6. Thanks for the nod. Wait, am I a suspect now?

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    1. You bet. Where were you the night Old Dixie went down?

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      1. I swear, I only bought Old Dixie one beer, then I went straight home.

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      2. Was her bell still ringing when you were with her?

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      3. She was hanging out with Gladys Knight. They were trying to pick up Pips.

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      4. Can anyone verify your story?

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      5. No. I’ll come along peacefully.

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  7. Scratching my head! Um, wondered where I lost that! ♥

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  8. Can’t say I was surprised about those phone calls. The plot thickens once again.

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    1. I wonder how they can confirm an actual meeting. I guess I better figure that out soon. 😁

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  9. Great installment and title, John and Craig.

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    1. Thank you, Hook


  10. I love the title! 🙂
    I wonder if I’m the only one who had to Google Jason Pollock, LOL!

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    1. He was before your time so it is understandable. 😀

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      1. Heehee. 🙂

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  11. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Great title! Sounds like another road trip for them.

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    1. Not so sure. A couple of airline schedule checks and that may be all.

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  12. Interesting segment! I love the little political innuendo thrown in. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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    1. Thanks, Jan. You are the only one to mention the political stuff.

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  13. Nice to have a title for this one! I’m still laughing over “finding a leopard in a Jason Pollock painting.” You’ve got us spinning around so hard, nobody knows where we’ll end up!

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    1. I think you are right. Thanks, Debbie.

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  14. How silly of me to have not even noticed there was no title.
    Let’s hope something comes from this latest…

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    1. Yes, we are all getting edgey.


  15. This was a sneaky episode, in that we were introduced to a lot of information that will serve us well going forward. The Ned and Janice connection for one thing. And who was the referee to their serves and volleys . . . hmm.

    Also, it’s interesting to see Andrew’s political side. I wonder if that will come back at any point.

    And Larry, he’s way more cultured than the predictable black coffee and a donut cop. He knows his Pollack and he prefers Latte.

    Like I said, lots going on here . . .

    PS- Love the new title! 🙂

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    1. Of course, you are a ten on the scale of 10 for awareness. You picked up all the items I had hoped to put forth. Thanks, Marc.

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      1. I’m a big fan, huge! 🙂

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  16. The long search is on. No easy find on this one. Makes it even more intriguing. Thanks, John!

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    1. No, there will not be an easy find. Of course the two could get lucky…..Not. Thanks, Jennie. 😄

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      1. Not… haha! 🙂

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  17. A brand-new title, a little political jab in the story, and your dog doesn’t have hemorrhoids. A good Wednesday special!


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    1. Ha haha. Thanks, Jay.


  18. At least they found something to encourage them. Good installment, John. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    1. Thanks, Suzanne.

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