June Book Reviews

D. Wallace Peach has published her June reviews and I’m pleased that His Revenge is part of an exciting group of books. You should go and see what Diana has recommended. While there check out her books as well. Thanks, Again, Diana.

Myths of the Mirror

If you’re out and about, take a book with you on your wanderings. If you’re stuck at home, here are some reads to while away the time.

This month my offering of reviews includes fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, a thriller, a murder mystery, and more. I hope you enjoy browsing my 4 and 5-star reviews.

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The Mermaid and the Bear by Ailish Sinclair

I finished this book a few days ago and it’s stuck with me. I didn’t realize until I’d reached the end that it’s historical fiction based loosely on real women in 16th century Scotland when witches were rounded up, tortured, and murdered. Somehow it was easier to read when I thought it was pure fiction. After getting to know the characters, the author might as well have stabbed me in the heart.

The whole book is beautifully written…

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  1. Thanks again for sharing, John. I’ll point your followers straight to your books My GRL and His Revenge. Great summer reads!

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    1. If they burn through those there is the finale – Our Justice, Thank you Diana.

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      1. Oh good! I know what I’m going to be reading soon. 🙂

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  2. It was great seeing His Revenge in the lineup, John. I’m looking forward to meeting John Cannon as soon as I get past my binge read of the Dresden Files! Diana’s review was excellent, so I’m sure I’ll move right on from MY GIRL to this one. Congratulations!

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    1. Then there is the finale – Our Justice.

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      1. Great! I love when I can read an entire series at once. I know I’ll enjoy them. 🙂

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      2. Yes me too. Thanks, Marcia.

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  3. Great review for a terrific book!

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    1. Thank you, Jill. It is a super review for sure.


  4. Heading over to read another awesome and well-deserved review!

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    1. Thanks, Jan


  5. Thank you for sharing, John. Heading over!!

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    1. Thanks, Miriam


      1. You’re welcome, John.

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  6. Congratulations on the great review, John, and a feature spot on Diana’s blog!

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    1. Thank you, liz.


  7. Hi, John! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on being on the list. 😀

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    1. Thank you, Vashti. Happy Fourth

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