Check This Out: Eternal Road

I’m so pleased to be with L. Marie today as she graciously gives me the opportunity to visit and discuss Eternal Road – The final stop. She asks some very good questions and I appreciate the opportunity to provide the answers. Thank you again, L. Marie. It is a real pleasure.

El Space--The Blog of L. Marie

Today on the blog I’m happy to have the one and only John Howell here to talk about his latest novel, Eternal Road. It was published on August 23. Go here to read a synopsis of the book. Now, give it up for John!


John: Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Linda. I certainly appreciate being here with you.

El Space: My pleasure, John. Four quick facts about yourself?
John: 1. I write every day.
2. I’ll be 80 years old in the spring.
3. I am a pantster and do not outline my work.
4. When I begin a novel, I write the last three lines and then go back and write to that conclusion.

El Space: Groovy! What inspired you to write this book? I can’t help thinking of a film from 1978 called Heaven Can Wait. The premise of that film…

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  1. It was great to learn a little more about you, John. I’m a pantster too, who’s forced to write synopses. It’s painful.

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    1. I write synopses and they take forever. I finally got Eternal Road to one page after starting with ten. I hate those things

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  2. I’m better when I pants it. Mostly, these days, I do a bit of both, but any outlines I do always end up getting changed a lot, lols. Great interview, John 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Harmony. I rely on the character driven story too much to do a lot of planning. 😁

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  3. Loved your interview on L. Marie’s blog, John. Left you a comment over there, but had to tell you how much I enjoyed it!

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    1. thank you, Mae. I saw your comment. I was referring to you, of couse, when I said sequal. 😊

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  4. Bravo, John! Almost 80 and still writing every day is no small feat.

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    1. Well I do feel a little older now. Maybe 25 or so. Thanks, Khristine. 😁

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  5. I’m having trouble keeping up with you, John!!

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    1. I’m having trouble keeping up with me too, GP. Good thing we are young eh?

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  6. Heading over to read the interview!

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  7. Love this! I am also a panster. I was always the person in college who had my papers done before anyone because I had to write them so that I could do the outline to pass in first. This book sounds terrific, John.


    1. Thank you so much, Wanda. I had similar experiences in school. Funny stuff.

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  8. I enjoyed our time. You’re always welcome,John!

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    1. Thank you, Linda. 😊


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