The last Drive Tour with Craig Boyack

I’m very pleased to be with Craig Boyack today. He is helping spread the word about The Last Drive launch. Here is the link to his post.

Craig Boyack

I first met Craig when we were members of a writer’s club years ago. My tubby Kindle finally handed me one of his stories, and I have been hooked ever since. Craig has an uncanny ability to develop characters you can’t help loving. Among some regular folks, there are root monsters and hats that talk. This is on top of the warriors and mermaids, of which there are plenty.

He also world builds like he has an in with the gods on Mount Olympus. He puts the reader on ships that go to unimaginable places and, on the other hand, puts us on a yak. All of his books are highly creative and enjoyable. You should check out Craig’s Amazon Page if you haven’t read one. There you will find his stories. You can pick any one of them since they are all entertaining.

Craig’s latest – Click for Amazon

Thank you, Craig, for helping me introduce The Last Drive

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