The Last Drive Tour with Beem Weeks

I am so glad to be featured on Beem Week’s site. He has graciously allowed me to visit and talk about my new release, The Last Drive. HERE is the link to his post.

Beem and I have been acquainted for a few years now. I think we first met in 2015 when we were part of another writer’s club. Since that time, Beem has published some excellent books and is also involved in the creative side of helping authors reach their potential. His books continually garner four and five stars, and I have found them to be very entertaining. He has six titles, and you can see them on Amazon.

Beem is also a blogger, blog talk radio host, and video/audio producer for Fresh Ink Group, as well as a fellow member of Story Empire.

Beem’s latest – Click for Amazon

Thank you, Beem, for hosting me today. I appreciate your help.

I have turned off the comments so that your originality can be saved for the visit to Beem’s post.

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