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Front cover of Yellow Hair

Yellow Hair by Andrew Joyce – A Review

  I don’t usually post reviews on this blog for no other reason than I have a format for each day and a desire to keep my posts to a minimum number each week. Today I’m making an exception since I believe the reader would benefit from knowing about Yellow Hair by Andrew Joyce. What […]

Review of Eternal Road – The final stop by Victoria Ray

Today Victoria Ray NB has published an outstanding review for Eternal Road on her site. A little about Victoria. Victoria Ray NB is a multi-genre author, known for her surreal, thought-provoking themes and humor. She is living in Sweden with her family and two dogs: Daisy and Sky. She holds a Ph.D. in Classic Russian Literature. Ray […]

A Terrific Review of My GRL at Victoria Ray’s Place

My GRL is getting plenty of love at Victoria Ray’s today. She has written a hysterical yet wonderful review.  Visit her site to read the review. While there check out her books. I have read Sophia Von X and So Absurd it Must be True and gave five stars to each. Here is the link […]

Circumstances of Childhood Review by Maryann Miller

Maryann Miller has given Circumstances of Childhood a terrific review at her place. Here is the link to the review and her blog which is titled Maryann Writes. Maryann Miller is one of those talented authors who makes time to help other authors. She has a regular feature on her blog where she provides […]

A New Review of The Contract by Victoria Ray

There is a new humorous and kick – butt review of The Contract by an engaging reader known as Victoria Ray. The review is here and I think you will get a kick out of it. Importantly too, the following will give you a little more information about Victoria Ray. In her words. Victoria Ray – 4 […]

The Alternative By Suzanne Burke- My Review

I originally posted a review for the Alternative on Amazon. Yes, I bought the book, read it and gave a five-star review. For some reason yet to be explained, Amazon removed my review. So I feel no obligation not to publish the same review here on my blog. So here it is. My Five Star Review […]

Tuesday – Anything Possible – Review of Fascination by Kevin Brennan

  Today  I am  reviewing the book Fascination by Kevin Brennan. I have read a number of books by this author, and the one thing that strikes me about all of them is how good the writing and interesting the story. Fascination is no exception and in some ways is the best book yet written […]