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*CHANGES* Episode 47, 1/20/16, with returning guest, John Howell, and host, Sally Ember, Ed.D

  I am so pleased to be invited back to Sally Ember’s show *CHANGES* and I hope you will tune in. Join us as *CHANGES* conversations between authors host, author Sally Ember, Ed.D., talks again with +John Howell, mystery/thriller author. Episode 47 is LIVE Wed., 1/20/16, 10 – 11 AM Eastern USA time. And, you […]

Thank You to Sally Ember Ed.D for a Great Discussion

  Yesterday I had the pleasure of appearing on Sally Ember’s “almost every Wednesday” Google + HOA show titled Changes. Go here to view. It was the fourteenth episode of her show and I was more than pleased to be a part of it. The show itself is not an interview of authors but is […]